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Get the latest Vivi Clients & Firmware

CLIENT (aka the Vivi App)

Download the Vivi app at get.vivi.io or, select your operating system below: 


Download the latest firmware for your Vivi receiver. 


Download older versions of the Vivi firmware.



Changelog of the latest features and fixes.

Firmware 1.6.1 | Client 2.10.1


  • Playing a video from Google Video is now supported by the Play Video Direct feature. 
  • During troubleshooting, the ability to do a port check from the client to ensure that the network requirements have been met.
  • Audio out of all displays in a room that has multiple Vivi-enabled screens. The default audio is still the primary display, however, all displays can now transmit audio if required.
  • Download sys logs from the web console. 
  • The Client will now remember the last room code to automatically re-join recent rooms.
  • Ability to select which teachers can and cannot trigger emergency broadcasts.


  • Inaccurate session information display in on the analytics dashboard.
  • Proxy preventing Apple AirPlay from working in a room with multiple Vivi-enabled displays.
  • Fixed issue with the cursor, audio devices and right-click paste menus on Windows devices.