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Get the latest Vivi Clients & Firmware

CLIENT (aka the Vivi App)

Download the Vivi app at get.vivi.io or, select your operating system below: 


Download the latest firmware for your Vivi receiver. 



Changelog of the latest features and fixes.

Vivi 2.0.0 | Optimisation Features for Admins

New client versions 2.13.1 and 2.13.2


  • Unlimited Location Hierarchies - IT admins are now able to use the Admin Portal to build an unlimited number of custom named location hierarchies.
  • Custom Emergency Types - Customise the types of emergencies that are available to be triggered from the Vivi App. 
  • SMS Emergency Notifications - Nominate up to ten Emergency Wardens to receive SMS alerts when an emergency has been triggered or cancelled.
  • Feature Toggles - IT admins are now able to disable certain App features, from the Admin Portal.
  • Real-time Website Display - Digital Signage websites are now rendered locally on the Vivi Receiver, enabling them to be displayed in real-time and for local intranet content to be displayed.
  • Scheduled Restart of Vivi Receivers - Allows IT admins to automate scheduled restarting of your Vivi Receiver fleet.
  • Disabling of Receiver Wireless Access Points - The Vivi Receiver wireless access points that are broadcast during start up can now be disabled across your fleet, from the Admin Portal.
  • Video Encoding Controls and Settings - Resolution, frame rate and stream quality can now be adjusted from within the Vivi App and defaults and maximums can be set from within the Admin Portal.
  • Easy Creation of USBs with the Vivi App - An IMG file is now available on our website for IT admins to use when generating USBs loaded with a portable version of the Vivi App.
Fixes & Other Enhancements
  • Dynamic Receiver Hostname - the Vivi Receiver hostname is now set to the name of its assigned room, for improved visibility on your network.
  • Privacy Mode can now be set as default on a room from the Admin Portal.
  • USB audio output for Vivi Receivers can now be toggled from the web console.
  • Fixed touch issues reported on certain Promethean panels.