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Get the latest Vivi Clients & Firmware

CLIENT (aka the Vivi App)

Download the Vivi app at get.vivi.io or, select your operating system below: 


Download the latest firmware for your Vivi receiver. 


Download older versions of the Vivi firmware.



Changelog of the latest features and fixes.

Firmware 1.8.0 | Client 2.12.0


  • Touch Support - Vivi supports HID-compliant Touch displays and projectors.
  • Enhanced Annotation Suite - You can now add text in different sizes, change the pencil width and pick from an assortment of colours.
  • Chromebook Audio - When you are mirroring your screen using Vivi, and wish to share a video over streaming, audio will now be played through the Vivi-enabled display.
  • Improved Feedback Loop - For teachers, the Feedback button changed to a “Technical Support" button.  After the form is submitted, we will create a support ticket, and the teacher will receive a personalised follow-up.
Fixes & Other Enhancements
  • Control Request Cancelling - You can now cancel a student's request to present to the screen.
  • Portrait videos will now play in the correct orientation through video direct and digital signage.

For more details, read our 1.8 release blog post.