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Get the latest Vivi Clients & Firmware

CLIENT (aka the Vivi App)

Download the Vivi app at get.vivi.io or, select your operating system below: 


Download the latest firmware for your Vivi receiver. 


Download older versions of the Vivi firmware.



Changelog of the latest features and fixes.

Firmware 1.7.1 | Client 2.11.1


  • Digital Signage Enhancements - Digital signage now supports website display, video links and automated resizing of uploaded media.
  • Client Proxy Support - The Vivi app now supports basic auth proxy on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Dashboard Performance Improvements - Faster loading times across all reports.

Fixes & Other Enhancements

  • Fixed bug with screen capture feature during video direct play.
  • Made audio settings consistent across multi-display configurations.
  • HDMI compatibility improvements.
  • Network switching infrastructure compatibility improvements.
  • Support for Chrome OS 65, ARM-based Chrome devices and Movie Mode on Chrome OS. (Client 2.11.2)
  • Support for iOS 11.3. (Client 2.11.3)

Firmware 1.7.0 | Client 2.11.0


  • Digital Signage - Every Vivi-enabled screen has the capacity to form a digital signage network. Upload media, create playlists, signage groups, and schedule media for a desired time and length. 
  • Pause Screen - Presenters can now freeze an active stream on the display while they undertake other activities on the device.
  • Local Video Direct - Users can now play local video files through Vivi, from any device, with all the Play Video Direct functionality.
  • Movie Mode - When playing longer videos over a mirroring session, switch on Movie Mode to increase the stream buffering. 
  • Subtitles For hearing-impaired and EAL students, Vivi’s Direct Video Player now offers a subtitles toggle. 
  • Proxy Passthrough Mode - To comply with IAM (Internet Access Management) policies in certain states, notably VIC and NSW in Australia.
For more details on the 1.7 release, view our blog post here

Fixes & Other Enhancements

  • Support for iPhone X.
  • Support for Linux OS. 
  • Occasional crashes on Video Direct page.