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Get the latest Vivi Clients & Firmware

CLIENT (aka the Vivi App)

Download the Vivi app at get.vivi.io or, select your operating system below: 


Download the latest firmware for your Vivi receiver. 


For older versions of the Vivi firmware, please contact support.


Changelog of the latest features and fixes.

Firmware 1.8.1 | Client 2.12.3

Please note, due to a bug fix we have released a new version of the client, 2.12.3. 


  • Offline Mode (Beta) - Once teachers and students are logged in to Vivi, they won’t experience a disruption to Vivi screen sharing if Internet connectivity is lost.
  • Multi-Touch Support -  Vivi now has the ability to accept touch input from multiple points (i.e. multiple fingers) and support gestures such as pinch/zoom.
  • USB Audio Adapter Support - If your classroom or meeting room has a separate sound system, you can now split audio from the HDMI cable and output to a separate device from the screen using a USB Audio Adapter.
Fixes & Other Enhancements
  • Support for ClickView UK
  • Guests not retaining their entered names
  • Signage video links occasionally causing flickering
  • Live sync not working with certain network proxies and certificates in Victoria
  • Splash screens not downloading correctly in certain environments, causing a black screen to be displayed
  • Touchscreen Support on macOS not working correctly in different AirPlay modes


Client 2.12.1 (Windows Only)

  • Extended Desktop Support - You can now use the Windows native controls to toggle between mirror and extended display modes. PowerPoint Presenter View is now automatic with Vivi when you start a slideshow