Digitizing Classrooms with the Best Wireless Screen Mirroring

18 October 2021 | By viviedu

The Best Wireless Screen Mirroring System: Your School’s First Step into the Future of Education

As a result of the pandemic, the education system undoubtedly shifted. Schools around the world have hurried to digitally transform themselves and be able to respond to the demands of remote education. However, now that schools are reopening, technology can also be a beneficial tool for creating a better environment in the classroom, now and into the future. You can benefit from the support of the best wireless screen mirroring system as a first step.

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, regarding four scenarios that may define the next 20 years in education: “Modernizing and extending current schooling would be more or less what we see now: content and spaces that are largely standardized across the system, primarily school-based (including digital delivery and homework) and focused on individual learning experiences. Digital technology is increasingly present, but, as is currently the case, is primarily used as a delivery method to recreate existing content and pedagogies rather than to revolutionize teaching and learning.”

The report suggests that reconfiguring the physical spaces for learning as part of new schooling trends entails a significant amount of planning and strategy from school authorities and managers alike. In this context, it is not just about moving furniture around and changing seating arrangements to ensure a safe distance. It is about using multiple physical and virtual spaces both inside and outside the school buildings. 

In the near future, cutting-edge technology can let the content and pedagogy become fully individualized to meet the needs of every student, based on the information collected from the body, facial expressions, and neural signals.

Is Your School Ready to Face the Challenge?

Nowadays, multiple technologies are becoming available in educational environments to facilitate this digital transition. Among them, there are technologies to enable classroom screen sharing as well as screen mirroring and screencasting. These are all some of the best screen mirroring options for presentation sharing and interaction. 

In most cases, these solutions include a physical device connected to a display or equipped with wireless features for remote pairing. The device comes with software to allow users to share their work on a classroom display. 

Teamwork, customization, versatility, active learning, and interaction are among the main factors that influence classroom design. These are clear advantages of having both students and instructors be able to discuss their work on the same platform without actually traveling from place to place in the classroom. 

With the rising use of the best wireless screen mirroring technologies, you can help engage both teachers and students in these new ways. You can also make your administrative role much more efficient by keeping your school current in the digital age and preparing for future education.

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Main School Administrative Advantages of the Best Wireless Screen Mirroring

Across the world, education systems strive to reestablish themselves in physical school environments. Consequently, up-and-coming tech becomes not only helpful for teachers and students, as seen above, but also for the school and its administration.

Based on a report by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), “There are unquestionable benefits to reopening educational institutions in terms of supporting the development of knowledge and skills among students and increasing their economic contribution over the longer term. In fact, the learning loss which has already taken place, if left unremedied, is likely to exact an economic toll on societies in the form of reduced productivity and growth. Reopening schools will also bring economic benefits to families by enabling them to return to work, once public health authorities deem that this is feasible.”

According to the same report, in the course of this opening process, school authorities have prioritized continuously training teachers about the use of technology. The goal should be to keep providing remote education when necessary and improve live classroom teaching quality. 

The best wireless screen mirroring system can help you ease the pains of staff onboarding through seamless software and easy-to-use devices. Continue reading to learn some additional advantages:

Easy setup

Modern technology makes it easy to install these systems quickly and easily, with little disruption to the school day. With the best wireless screen mirroring solution, you can get compatibility with multiple technologies which makes it easy for educators to implement almost immediately.

Seamless screen sharing

It does not matter which technology is the primary screen to be shared. The most effective platform will adapt so students can view and interact with the content. Teachers would not have to all of a sudden become tech-savvy in order to use this technology. They would simply have to use the current devices they are already familiar with and share their presentation using an simple software tool from the best wireless screen mirroring system.

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Budget savings

Your school will save money by not purchasing, among other things, expensive cables, adapters, compatible devices (computers, tablets, laptops), or wireless routers. The best wireless screen mirroring services can also include extra functionality at no additional cost, such as emergency broadcasts and a comprehensive digital signage network.

Reduced IT help desk support tickets

If you have the best solution on the market, you will receive fewer requests for technical support. Technology will be easy to use for teachers, reducing your need to implement training sessions or refreshers, and the most modern devices will require little to no maintenance. 

Now that you know the benefits of purchasing the best wireless screen mirroring system for your school, you can make a more informed decision. The improvements you will see in the classroom dynamics will be noticeable to teachers, students and the school as a whole.

Getting the Best Wireless Screen Mirroring

Maybe you should take a look at what the best wireless screen mirroring system on the market has to offer. Here, you will find the key points to consider when looking at possible candidates:

In a personalized learning environment, individuals can achieve better outcomes by participating and engaging more actively. In order to create such an environment, teachers and students must have a fluid, visual dialogue, facilitated by technology. 

The Vivi team is proud to provide resources to educators in order to help them reach students’ potential, and we thrive on creating more controlled, collaborative, and creative learning spaces with technology. We exist to help educators reach students’ maximum potential and enhance schools into the future of education with wireless screen mirroring and digital signage. Book a demo now.