Digital Signage solution for schools, beyond screen sharing

6 February 2018 | By viviedu

Vivi’s new software release 1.7 is pushing the boundaries of education technology. Since we began, our users have always been at the heart of how and why our software evolves. We listen to what you want, and we always aim to deliver.

This release is no different. When we planned Vivi 1.7, we asked you what you most wanted to see.

“Digital signage,” you said. Et voila! It’s here!

Beyond wireless presentations

Vivi 1.7 has moved beyond a simple wireless presentation solution to become a single solution offering both wireless presentation and digital signage.

Traditionally digital signage displays have been confined to high traffic areas such as foyers and libraries. And they can be a costly single-purpose investment.

Our Digital Signage feature uses your existing Vivi-network so that any Vivi-enabled screen can form a cost-effective digital signage network – no additional technology or software required.

It’s cost-effective, it’s simple and it’s highly effective. Very Vivi, really!

Best of all, it’s easily and conveniently managed through your Vivi Admin Portal.

Digital signage - How it works

How it works

You can think of Vivi as your new digital noticeboard. Any Vivi-enabled display can broadcast video content and static images, all per a set schedule.

There are four main components of the new digital signage feature.


Upload and store all of your media, including images (JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF), movie files (MP4/MOV/M4V/MKV/FLV/AVI/WMV/ASF) and audio files (MP3, WAV, WMA and M4A files).  Just make sure your images are 1920×1080 when you’re uploading.

But what if your content is in a PowerPoint or Keynote? Not to worry, you can easily convert an existing PowerPoint or Keynote file into a movie. We have two guides to help you here: PowerPoint and Keynote.


Similar to a playlist in iTunes, this is a collection of media. You can create as many playlists as you need and name them accordingly. Playlists can be a mix of media.


Create signage groups for a targeted broadcast by grouping your Vivi-enabled rooms. You can create as many signage groups as you like, and any Vivi box can be included in multiple signage groups. For example, a room might be included in the group “English classrooms” as well as “Year 7 homerooms”.


Schedule your school announcement ahead of time. You can opt for a playlist to be broadcast to a signage group once or repeated every day or every week, at any particular time.

Set up is easy

It’s very simple to get started. Because staff who use Digital Signage may be new to using Vivi, we’ve created a new user role called Signage Admin.

To create a new Signage Admin, simply select it from User profile options.

When a Signage Admin logs onto the Vivi Admin Portal they will see a new menu item called ‘Signage’ – this is the digital signage hub. From here, anyone registered as a Signage Admin can upload media, create playlists, and schedule media to be broadcast across specific signage groups.

Teachers are always in control

The power of wireless presentation software to transform the classroom will always be at the heart of Vivi. And screen mirroring that gives greater teacher control and improves student engagement will always come first.

So, when a Vivi-enabled screen is being used for digital signage, and a teacher needs to use the screen for a lesson, they can easily do so by simply selecting ‘Share my Screen’ to reclaim control of the screen.

When can you start?

While in Beta, this feature is available to all customers. 

 Check out our Admin Guide to help you get started.