Cabra Dominican College go from screen mirroring in the board room to 45 social classrooms

5 July 2021 | By viviedu

When Information Communication Technologies Manager at Cabra Dominican College, Domenico Alluigi, was asked what difference Vivi has made at his school, he said “when we got our first Vivi box, we were looking for a robust wireless mirroring solution in our boardroom. From there, we started introducing Vivi in more classrooms and now we have over 45 boxes.” 

Having used Vivi for almost five years, Domenico loves the versatility of the product and has enabled single sign-on for all staff and students, “so teachers can give access to students or they can self-assess in certain areas.” 

Like most in the ICT education world, Domenico faces challenges in making sure “technology is available in the right place at the right moment” and is rewarded by “watching an implemented solution work as designed” as he and his team work through network connectivity, cybersecurity, and premises monitoring. 

Cabra Dominican College uses Vivi daily in classrooms, as well as digital signage for events like principal tours, and “recently built a new home economics area with three Vivi-enabled displays. Our teachers can use Vivi to display a recipe while using the other one to show a video and the third to show the cooking area/benchtop.” 

Domenico’s advice for other ICT Managers? “Use Vivi for digital signage and if you’re after special features, don’t be afraid to ask the support team. Try to engage more teachers. Our teachers love it and it’s made their experience a lot easier, not being restricted by a lengthy cable.”