Make Sure Your Most Important Messages Get Seen


Expand your communication network and then some.

Vivi puts your everything from your most urgent messages to your most routine in front of your community. And adds flexibility and interactivity to your classroom to boot.

Emergency Alerts

When time, reach and clarity are most critical, take over every panel with a clear, visual alert in seconds. Integrates via API with Audio Enhancement EPIC System.

Video Announcements
Text Announcements
Digital Signage

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Explore how Vivi's Emergency Alerts integrate with Audio Enhancement to increase the impact of your school's safety protocols. 


Having our Building Principals be able to play a live video to all of the classroom screens simultaneously creates an opportunity for a shared experience without the disruption of bringing everyone together physically.

Kari Moulton
Technology Integration Support Specialist
Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53 (Illinois)