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In 2013, Australian tech entrepreneur Dr. Lior Rauchberger was asked to recommend a quality wireless presentation solution for a client. 


In 2013, Australian tech entrepreneur Dr. Lior Rauchberger was asked to recommend a quality wireless presentation solution for a client. Their key criteria? It must be compatible across all devices and platforms.

Seemed straightforward enough. But as Lior began his research, he was underwhelmed, to say the least. Solutions were either clunky and unreliable – or too expensive for the average workplace, university or school to afford.

From that moment, Lior knew there was a gap in the market. And he knew he had to fill it.

He then joined forces with startup specialist Simon Holland and tech guru Tomas Spacek from Papercloud Ventures to make Vivi a reality. Their goal? To create the simplest and most intuitive wireless presentation solution in the world.

Vivi officially launched in February 2016.


To make the world's classrooms smarter. 

We are now seeing the importance of personalized learning, as well as the rapid emergence of various pedagogical theories, tailored around making the learning process a more engaging experience. But for these ideas to be successful, they require a fluid, visual dialogue between teacher and student. And this is why Vivi was born.

Developed in conjunction with educators, Vivi is the only wireless presenting platform in the world built exclusively for the learning environment. Vivi is designed to be the invisible backbone of the teacher and student learning conversation. We know that by providing seamless access to the audio-visual equipment in the classroom, Vivi supports a collaborative learning environment.

Through ease of access and simplicity of use, the Vivi platform supports 21st Century learning - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication. A Vivi-enabled school allows teachers and students to walk into any classroom and present from any screen regardless of device or platform. This strips away the thinking around ‘how to connect’ and allows people to focus on the thoughts they want to communicate to the classroom visually.

Vivi was born into this fluid, technological learning space. And because of that, we have agility baked into our DNA. We know that as education technology and practices evolve, we will evolve too - continually looking for ways to help the education process become simpler and smarter to improve student outcomes.