3 Ways to Get More from Your Digital Signage at the End of the School Year 

18 May 2023 | By viviedu

As the academic year winds down, it’s quite natural for everyone to feel a mix of fatigue, stress, and excitement. Educators and students alike are wrapping up their course material and preparing for end-of-year testing. With so much to do, it can be challenging to stay on top of things – especially as a leader of a school or system supporting everyone in the process.  

Existing tools can lend a welcome helping hand. Here, we share 3 ways you can leverage Vivi’s digital signage to support your students and educators during this time. 

  1. Use Vivi’s Clocks and Timers to Facilitate EOY Testing 

During testing season, educators have a lot on their plates. They’re juggling multiple classes, trying to help their students stay calm and focused, all while keeping an eye on time. And we all know that timekeeping can be a stressful and distracting ordeal. That’s why Vivi’s Clocks and Timers can be a lifesaver. 

Clocks and timers can easily be scheduled across multiple learning spaces through digital signage. This takes the pressure off educators during testing season and helps them keep track of the timing with ease. By delivering clear visuals, Vivi can help educators’ transition to the next testing phase, hassle-free, and on time.  

  1. Celebrate the Achievements and Recognize the Hard Work of Your Students, Educators and Staff  

The end-of-year shouldn’t be just about getting across the finish line, it’s also a great moment to celebrate achievements, build connections, and acknowledge the joy in learning. With Vivi, you can use digital signage to build a sense of community and share joy with your school or system with the click of a button

Here are a few creative ways to leverage your existing digital signage solution to build a culture of celebration at the end of the year – or even everyday:  

  1. Keep Everyone Informed about Upcoming Events and Opportunities 

Finally, Vivi allows you to stay on top of school-wide communication, so everyone stays in the loop. You can schedule digital signage throughout the school day and share information about critical information such as the availability of extra resources for students and families in need, registration deadlines for summer school and summer programming, and more. Think of your digital signage as an environmentally friendly way to reinforce messaging sent home by traditional channels.  

With Vivi by your side, the end of the school year doesn’t have to be a time of stress. Instead, it can be a time of learning, celebration, and fun. If you need additional support or want to learn more about bringing Vivi to your school, book a demo.

We’re here to help make this time of year more manageable, so you can focus on what matters most – learning and your students.