Why Users Are Choosing Vivi for Digital Signage in Schools

Are you looking for a digital signage solution that provides an all-in-one communication suite, designed specifically for education? Look no further than Vivi. Discover how Vivi compares to TrilbyTV below.


Vivi - A TrilbyTV Alternative

Emergency Alerts: Vivi allows schools to send critical and timely messages and information, providing a visual element to safety procedures e.g. fire drills.

Simple & Easy: Delegate controls to appropriate staff and spend less time managing and approving signage requests, and more time on strategic projects.

More Value, One Price: Vivi goes beyond digital signage with instructional features, wireless screen sharing and emergency alert notifications included at no additional cost.  

Vivi is the all-in-one solution built for education that enables schools to connect, communicate, and collaborate more easily.  

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"Vivi is the perfect tool to drive digital signage. It's now running the screens in the school's corridors and plays a key role in showing off the pupils' talents."

Graham Wootten
Head of Digital Learning
Elstree School