Vivi adds native clocks and timers to classroom displays, making it easier for teachers to stay mobile

24 February 2022 | By viviedu

Twice a year, we ask over 1000 school and district IT leaders which features they would like to see Vivi release, and our last survey had an overwhelmingly popular preference: clocks and timers.

Vivi is used in classrooms to enhance visual learning, communicate important messages, and involve students by having them share their work with their classmates. The product is technology-agnostic and can display any form of content, but educators wanted a one-click way to put a clock, stopwatch, or timer on the main display/s.

Introducing a new, and extremely simple feature in Vivi.

From the home screen of the Vivi app, educators can now display analog and digital clocks, stopwatches, and timers. IT administrators can even schedule clocks and timers through digital signage, which can improve the efficiency of large exam environments and even transition periods between classes.

That’s it. Sometimes the simplest features are the best.

You can initiate and control this new feature via a simple interface on the Vivi app during parent-teacher meetings, exams, quizzes, or any other time-constrained sessions.

Put the Vivi box to work with our beta USB passthrough feature

Vivi is the only wireless screen mirroring solution designed for education, but traditionally if you wanted to use an external camera or microphone, you would need to plug them into your device. This kills the freedom to move around the classroom, which Vivi users adore.

With USB passthrough for Windows, you can plug any external hardware directly into the Vivi box so that the experience of screen mirroring is enhanced, and educators gain back their ability to roam the classroom.

USB passthrough allows you to support more software and hardware integrations and means you can always keep a camera, microphone, and document scanner, for example, plugged into the box. Set and forget and get on with engaging every student.

To get started with these new features as a Vivi user, download the upgrade here. To try Vivi for the first time, we’d love to answer any questions.