2.5 Release Blog

4 December 2019 | By viviedu

When our customers speak, we listen. And that’s exactly how our new release of features evolved from pipe dream to reality.

Vivi already offers a complete suite of classroom engagement solutions, built alongside our bread and butter Wireless Screen Mirroring technology, but that’s not all we do. Our focus is on constant innovation, improvements and new features at no additional cost to the customer because we aim to keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

In this blog, we look at 3 new features that take Vivi’s seamless user experience to the next level.
Watch this short video to see these features in action:

CEC Power Management

Schedule displays to turn ON and OFF with Vivi.
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI feature that allows you to schedule CEC-compatible displays to switch ON and OFF when you see fit via Vivi Central or the web console. IT admins can manage this neat new feature for one or more devices and use it to further boost benefits delivered by Vivi.CEC Power Management - Vivi Central - in device

For example, if there are school admins that go around to each classroom at the beginning and the end of the day to switch on and off displays, this feature will save a huge amount of time and hassle.

CEC at a glance.
Digital Signage – If a daily organizer is using Vivi’s Digital Signage feature in common areas for notices or announcements, administrators can configure manually. It’s quick, convenient and cool.

Emergency Broadcast – When an emergency is triggered using our emergency broadcast feature, all CEC-enabled displays can be configured to activate and switch to the correct source, so no one is left without appropriate notification.

Security and Power Saving – Screens that are accidentally left on overnight drain power and draw attention to empty classrooms. CEC eliminates these risks and makes display management mighty easy.

Google Integration

The first of many cloud integrations.
Our Google integration is implemented to make your Vivi experience even more efficient. This is just the beginning, too. Starting with this release, wherever Vivi has touchpoints with the cloud, we will build an applicable integration.

Google integrations at a glance.
Users can now link their Google account with Vivi and enjoy a greater range of media and cloud integration options, such as:
Google Integration - Add Media - Vivi Central - in device
When setting up Signage Schedules, administrative users with linked accounts can select their Google Slides and include them in their playlist.

Google Integration - Vivi App_edit-1

When using the Annotation Suite in the Vivi App, users have the option of saving their masterpiece straight to the cloud and no longer just to their local device.


Windows Hardware Acceleration

Take a load off the CPU.Windows Hardware Acceleration - Vivi App - circled
The Vivi App on Windows Intel-based computers has the option to enable hardware acceleration so that hardware encoding is used instead of software encoding. This reduces the CPU load and improves processing efficiency.

Hardware & software encoding 101.
Hardware Encoding is where a dedicated hardware, known as the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), is used for encoding, which improves efficiency.

Software Encoding is a type of encoding performed by the general CPU with the help of encoding software.

Do more with less.
The benefit of moving to Hardware Acceleration on Windows is that it reduces the load on the computer’s CPU, enabling the device to run alongside more CPU-intensive applications. This has the potential to also extend battery life, depending on the device.

About Vivi

Vivi aims to help classrooms become student empowered learning environments, integrating cross-platform wireless screen mirroring and video streaming with advanced and intuitive classroom features such as formative assessment, health and wellbeing checks; fast and reliable video streaming; digital signage; emergency broadcast and so much more. All this is easy to use and centrally managed via a cloud-based administration platform.