Unlock the power of digital signage at your school.

Vivi, the wireless & cloud-based digital signage solution for schools, provides a centralised, simple and reliable way to turn every display into a schoolwide communication tool.  


The most effective way to communicate.

Instant updates on digital signage for schools ensure that time-sensitive information such as emergency alerts, scheduling changes and even live news feeds are shown on one, many or all displays, in the classroom, reception, hallways... or schoolwide!


Simple and reliable digital signage.

Whoever’s responsible for digital signage at your school, Vivi makes it simple and easy to manage. Unlike other solutions, users can continue to use their device freely, all while being able to wirelessly control, schedule, send alerts, and power off all portrait and landscape Vivi-enabled displays at the touch of a button.  


Communicate what matters most across every screen at your school.