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Over 250,000 teachers and students use Vivi to enhance the physical learning environment.

Personalised learning environments have been proven to deliver better educational outcomes for individuals through increased participation and engagement. To successfully create such an environment requires a fluid, visual dialogue between teacher and student. This is why Vivi exists.

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Join over 1,600 schools, 80,000 classrooms, and 500,000 students and teachers.


“Vivi serves an integral purpose in our school because it’s so integrated into our learning experience. Its ease of use, its transcendence across devices has a very large impact.” 

Amy Ernenwein
Director of Professional Development
Cardinal Gibbons High School

Students can share their screen, risk free.

Teachers and students use the same app, with different controls, so it’s very easy to allow students to share their work. And to do so with peace of mind by providing a live video preview of the student’s screen before allowing them to share it with the class.

Students who contribute to the lesson are more engaged, so Vivi makes that process as pain-free and empowering as possible. Oh, and four students can share content to the one display, automatically organised into quadrants.

Taking notes during class? There’s an app for that.

The Vivi app comes with a comprehensive annotation suite that lets students screenshot any content that a teacher is sharing to the display, and annotate over the top of it. Unless the teacher has Privacy Mode on, because the teacher is always in control.

Or just write your own notes on a digital whiteboard alongside a screenshot without having to touch a display everyone else is touching.

Engage every student through assessment and polls.

Picture this. A teacher is sharing their screen, untethered to the display and moving around the classroom. Engaging their students, not just through the content but with their physical presence.

A student requests to share their work, the request is granted, and the teacher wants to run a quick poll capturing feedback on what was shared. They’ll have to login into a separate assessment tool, right? Not with Vivi, where assessments and polls are a click away.

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