Better classroom sharing, more seamless installations.

Based on your feedback, we're introducing more ways to share content and multi-task in the classroom, and better tools to manage your installations.

You are now free to move around the classroom with any content.

Play Video is now Play Content. You can setup media playlists in advance including videos, images, and PowerPoints, and then play them on Vivi while you multi-task or move around the classroom.

  • App Version 3.6
  • Receiver Version 3.6
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The easy answer to "how much longer do we have?"

When screen sharing, teachers can now easily set a timer for the class or activity from their screen sharing toolbar to show on the classroom display.

  • App Version 3.6
  • Receiver Version 3.6
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Using Vivi on Wi-Fi? We've got your back.

With our new Wi-Fi Easy Installer, installing Vivi boxes on your Wi-Fi network is a breeze. The Vivi app will load a profile, scan for your new Vivi box, and push firmware and network configurations over the air. So easy! The ability to add installers lets you get the support you want for installation without giving up your network security.

  • App Version 3.5
  • Receiver Version 3.5
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Make sure your September network matches your Summer network.

No more guessing about network bandwidth or dead zones. Vivi now offers real-time feedback about connection quality, Wi-Fi performance and stream performance for more information than ever for analysis and decision making.

  • Receiver Version 3.5.2
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...and that's just the big stuff.

🔔 Feature update notifications

New badges on the teacher app will show when features are new or recently updated.

🍎 In-app surveys to measure teacher satisfaction

We want to hear from teachers. We're introducing in-app CSAT surveys to let teachers' voices be heard.

🔑 Improved SSO features

We've enhanced our Azure and Google SSO to resolve issues that some schools were having.

🎧 Audio driver improvements for Windows

We've been running into some audio issues on some Windows devices, so now we're bundling our own audio driver.

📡 WebRTC performance improvements

We continue to love WebRTC! Improving networking, congestion handling, and switching to hardware decoding.

📽️ More reliable video playing

Some clients were running into geolocation issues using Play Video. We've set up some infrastructure to address that.

Vivi ❤️ Philips Panels

We've made some improvements to the Vivi receiver app on Philips Panels.

💡 Micro learning for teachers

Learn about popular tools right where you need it, in the Vivi app!

See something you like? It's yours!

Schedule some time to talk through your implementation plan with our team.