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Looking to boost participation and engagement? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Sign up for your FREE Vivi for Teachers account.

2. Check your inbox for a welcome email and click on your unique link. TIP: Bookmark the link for future use.

3. Direct your students to share.myvivi.io and have them enter your four-digit code to join your room.

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This has allowed more students to share during the class instead of plugging in each device.

Julie P.
K-5 Music Teacher

Teachers love the ability to show different ways of thinking about the same problem.

Sherrie W.
Coordinator of Instructional Technology

I love it for math problem solving and showing work or thinking in all subject areas.

Anonymous Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Vivi for Teachers is a web-based app where your students can join the teachers "virtual classroom" with a link and code. Once your students have joined the room, they can request to share their screen wirelessly. You grant them permission and, voila!  No more emailing you their slides to present and no more spending time finding the right cord or dongle to connect a student device to a classroom screen. Now your students can share their work from their seat easily and seamlessly. Your students will also have a built-in virtual whiteboard they can use to work out problems - alleviating the mess of physical whiteboards.