Vivi 1.8.1 | Maintenance

  • Offline Mode (Beta)Once teachers and students are logged in to Vivi, they won’t experience a disruption to Vivi screen sharing if Internet connectivity is lost.
  • Multi-Touch Support Vivi now has the ability to accept touch input from multiple points (i.e. multiple fingers) and support gestures such as pinch/zoom.
  • USB Audio Adapter SupportIf your classroom or meeting room has a separate sound system, you can now split audio from the HDMI cable and output to a separate device from the screen using a USB audio adapter.
  • Added support for ClickView UK.
  • Fixed guests not retaining their entered names.
  • Fixed signage video links occasionally causing flickering.
  • Fixed live sync not working with certain network proxies and certificates in Victoria.
  • Fixed splash screens not downloading correctly in certain environments, causing a black screen to be displayed.
  • Fixed touchscreen support on macOS not working correctly in different AirPlay modes.

Client 2.12.1 | Extended Desktop

  • Extended Desktop Support - You can now use the Windows native controls to toggle between mirror and extended display modes. PowerPoint Presenter View is now automatic with Vivi when you start a slideshow.

Vivi 1.8.0 | Touch Support

  • Touch Support - Vivi now supports HID-compliant Touch displays and projectors.
  • Enhanced Annotation Suite - You can also now add text in different sizes, change the pencil width and pick from an assortment of colours.
  • Chromebook Audio - When you are mirroring your screen using Vivi, and wish to share a video over streaming, audio will now be played through the Vivi-enabled display.
  • Improved Feedback Loop -  For teachers, the Feedback button has changed to a “Technical Support" button.  After the form is submitted, we will create a support ticket, and the teacher will receive a personalised follow-up.
  • Control Request Cancelling - You can now cancel a student's request to present to the screen.
  • Portrait videos will now play in the correct orientation through video direct and digital signage.

Vivi 1.7.1 | Maintenance

  • Digital Signage Enhancements - Digital signage now supports website display, video links and automated resizing of uploaded media.
  • Client Proxy Support - The Vivi app now supports basic auth proxy on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Dashboard Performance Improvements - Faster loading times across all reports.
  • Fixed bug with screen capture feature during video direct play.
  • Made audio settings consistent across multi-display configurations.
  • HDMI compatibility improvements.
  • Network switching infrastructure compatibility improvements.
  • Chrome
    • Support for Chrome OS 65, ARM-based Chrome devices and Movie Mode on Chrome OS.
  • iOS
    • Support for iOS 11.3.

Vivi 1.7.0 | Digital Signage

  • Digital Signage - Every Vivi-enabled screen has the capacity to form a digital signage network. Upload media, create playlists, signage groups, and schedule media for a desired time and length. 
  • Pause Screen - Presenters can now freeze an active stream on the display while they undertake other activities on the device.
  • Local Video Direct - Users can now play local video files through Vivi, from any device, with all the Play Video Direct functionality.
  • Movie Mode - When playing longer videos over a mirroring session, switch on Movie Mode to increase the stream buffering. 
  • Subtitles - For hearing-impaired and EAL students, Vivi’s Direct Video Player now offers a subtitles toggle. 
  • Proxy Passthrough Mode - To comply with IAM (Internet Access Management) policies in certain states, notably VIC and NSW in Australia.
  • Fix occasional crashes on Video Direct page.
  • iOS
    • Add support for iPhone X.
  • Linux
    • Add support for Linux OS.

Vivi 1.6.1 | Maintenance

  • Playing a video from Google Video is now supported by the Play Video Direct feature. 
  • During troubleshooting, the ability to do a port check from the client to ensure that the network requirements have been met.
  • Audio out of all displays in a room that has multiple Vivi-enabled screens. The default audio is still the primary display, however, all displays can now transmit audio if required.
  • Download sys logs from the web console. 
  • The Client will now remember the last room code to automatically re-join recent rooms.
  • Ability to select which teachers can and cannot trigger emergency broadcasts.
  • Fix inaccurate session information display on the analytics dashboard.
  • iOS/macOS
    • Fix proxy preventing Apple AirPlay from working in a room with multiple Vivi-enabled displays.
  • Windows
    • Fix issue with the cursor, audio devices and right-click paste menus.

Vivi 1.6.0 | Emergency Broadcasting

  • Emergency Broadcasting.
  • Support for multiple displays.
  • Support for the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Support for disconnecting students from a room.
  • Decrease Video Direct buffering times.
  • Fix syncing occasionally not working on startup.
  • Fix ClickView occasionally thinking boxes are offline.

Vivi 1.5.2 | Maintenance

  • YouTube processing library migrated to a web service, therefore, firmware updates will no longer be required when YouTube updates.
  • DNS caching added to reduce the number of DNS requests the device was making.
  • Added SNMP, schools with Service Monitoring systems can now add Vivi to their monitoring platforms.
  • Auto-negotiation now set permanently to prevent “port flapping” observed on some Cisco switches.
  • Fix black screens if the splash screen download is interrupted.
  • Fix boxes appearing offline if the display is turned off while a stream is in progress.
  • iOS
    • Fix AirPlay freezing when sharing content from PowerPoint / Camera Roll.

Vivi 1.5.1 | Maintenance

  • Updated YouTube library for continued support of Video Direct.

Vivi 1.5.0 | ClickView

  • Now with added support for ClickView.
  • New guest mode, add guests to rooms with ease.
  • Student request indicator - a hand pops up when there is an active student request.
  • Locations - easily find rooms in locations.

Vivi 1.4.2 | Maintenance

  • Disabled HDMI-CEC dependency to prevent sleep mode disconnections on certain displays.
  • Disable profiling acknowledgements during normal usage.

Vivi 1.4.1 | Maintenance

  • Now with added support for ClickView.
  • New guest mode, add guests to rooms with ease.
  • Student request indicator - a hand pops up when there is an active student request.
  • Locations - easily find rooms in locations.

Vivi 1.4.0 | Splash Screens & Room Codes

  • Presenters can now access room settings to temporarily set privacy and access.
  • Room listing now shows if a room is available, unavailable rooms cannot be accessed.
  • Students now have the same controls as teachers, these become available when a teacher grants access or the room is "open access".
  • Students can now Request Access, access requests appear at the top of the presenters list.

Vivi 1.3.1 | Maintenance

  • Network performance enhancements.
  • Added box support for Windows Profiling toolkit.
  • Minor maintenance items.

Vivi 1.3.0 | Windows Optimisation

  • Windows
    • The rendering pipeline has been re-engineered to reduce latency.
    • Frame rate increased to 30FPS, allowing for smoother playback.
    • Processing has been shifted to the GPU, reducing high CPU usage.

Vivi 1.2.12 | Maintenance

  • macOS
    • Support for macOS 10.12.
    • Fix artifacting on some older Mac models.
  • iOS
    • Support for iOS 10.

Vivi 1.2.11 | Lion

  • Replace continuous logging with sending logs in bulk once per day.
  • Button in webconsole to send logs immediately, for support purposes.
  • Ability to switch between TLS and NTP (with up to two nameservers) for time synchronisation.
  • Ability to stream in 1080p.
  • Prevent saving with blank fields in static network config.
  • Fix Video Direct not working for all YouTube videos.
  • Fix certs not always being applied.
  • Fix boxes not always connecting after network is down for an extended period.
  • macOS
    • Support for macOS 10.12 Beta.
    • Backwards compatibility with macOS 10.9.
  • iOS
    • Support for iOS 10 Beta.
  • Android
    • Support for Android (5.0+).

Vivi 1.2.4 | Unicorn

  • Allow setting nameservers with static IP network configuration.
  • Details provided with ping results to help with solving network issues.
  • Automatically stop stream when streaming disconnects explicitly.
  • Increase AP timeout to 10 minutes, instead of 5.
  • Under the hood changes to support bulk administration in the future.
  • Improve boot times significantly.
  • Make it clear in the webconsole that the box will restart automatically after updating.
  • Fix ping requests being rejected by picky gateways.
  • Extend request timeouts in case of temporarily slow networks.
  • Fix saying "Something went wrong" when deleting a cert, even though it worked.
  • Fix update page in webconsole not showing an in-progress update after leaving the page.
  • Fix not converting a DER cert to PEM automatically.
  • Fix regression with OS sometimes not registering certs.
  • iOS
    • Support for iOS 9.3.
    • Detect AirPlay video mode.