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Vivi Blog

Teaching in a Vivi-enabled classroom [Infographic] 

19 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

How can you seamlessly integrate Vivi into your daily lesson plans and ensure that it appropriately supports the lesson objectives, curriculum, unit and cross-curriculum priorities, such as Digital Learning?

Here is an example taken from the Humanities discipline area, specifically from the History curriculum, where students are focusing on cultural practices of the Inca Civilisation. 

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Integrating Vivi into the classroom

15 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

The 21st Century classroom promises so much. Fulfilling this promise requires schools to harness the power of in-classroom technology to deliver new and more effective ways of teaching and learning. Wireless presentation systems, which allow teachers and students to mirror their devices to a shared display, go some of the ways to enabling this. But Vivi goes further – it’s been purpose-built for education, with features and functionality designed specifically to help teachers keep students engaged and deliver 21st Century learning outcomes.

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Digital Signage. A smarter school, beyond screen sharing

6 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

 Vivi’s new software release 1.7 is pushing the boundaries of education technology. Since we began, our users have always been at the heart of how and why our software evolves. We listen to what you want and we always aim to deliver.

This release is no different. When we planned Vivi 1.7 we asked you what you most wanted to see.

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Vivi’s 1.7 software release takes schools beyond wireless presentation

6 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

With Vivi 1.7 we’ve combined everything you want with everything we know to move towards what we all want: smarter, more efficient classrooms.  

From improved video performance to digital signage solutions, it’s loaded with the features that continue to push the boundaries of education technology. 

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Vivi's process for developing new education-focused features

4 January 2018 / by Team Vivi

From its inception, Vivi was created to solve educator’s problems. The initial concept came to Vivi founder Dr Lior Rauchberger when he was asked to recommend a wireless presentation system to a university.

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How Vivi's Emergency Broadcast feature is making schools safer

12 December 2017 / by Team Vivi

A fortuitous conversation during a social tennis match between Vivi founder Dr Lior Rauchberger and security expert Craig Harwood was the moment of inspiration for a powerful, and potentially lifesaving, feature in Vivi's Wireless Presentation System  – the Emergency Broadcast functionality. Harwood remembers it as a classic lightbulb moment.

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Vivi 1.7 coming in early 2018

6 December 2017 / by Team Vivi

2017 was a big year for Vivi, with four software releases packed with game-changing features for the education market.

To kick off 2018, we are excited to announce our first software release of the new year that includes our most highly-requested features.

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HESaaS helping schools deliver the 21st Century Classroom

2 October 2017 / by Team Vivi

It’s no secret that digital technology has become an essential part of education. Computers and other IT equipment are enabling fantastic new ways to teach and learn. This technology is constantly evolving, bringing with it a growing array of opportunities for schools to create smarter classrooms. But delivering on these opportunities isn’t always simple.

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Emergency broadcast. A safer school, with just a few clicks.

7 August 2017 / by Team Vivi

Whether your school comprises of one building or is spread across multiple campuses, in times of emergency communicating quickly and effectively to every classroom is vital.

Enter in Vivi’s new emergency broadcast feature. Now with the click of a button, any teacher can send one of two instant messages – evacuation or lockdown – to every active Vivi screen and device across your school. It’s as simple as that.

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Say "hello" to your new Vivi Dashboard.

7 August 2017 / by Team Vivi

Vivi’s new software update 1.6 is a game-changer for schools. Since Vivi’s inception, our school customers have been asking for analytics and reporting functionality. And now it’s here.

Now, not only do your teachers and students gain the benefits of a more flexible learning environment, but you can measure how they are using Vivi, what they’re using it for and how often. This offers metrics on how effectively Vivi is being used to increase student engagement and learning outcomes.

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