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The Vivi app is the control center that makes Vivi accessible for teachers and students.


It’s downloadable directly from the Apple Store, Google Play store, or find the right download links for your system here.

Alternatively, deploy the app to all student and teacher devices at once using our enterprise-provisioning feature.


Present my screen:
You can easily share your screen with the rest of the room with a click of a button. 

Complete control:
Stop any current screen sharing including those started by other students or presenters.

Pause screen: 

You can now pause an active stream on the display, leaving up a static piece of content, freeing up your device to undertake other activities. 

Play a direct video:
Play high-quality videos (both internet-based and local) straight from the Vivi receiver, meaning the video is streaming directly from your hard-wired internet, and not slowing down your WiFi network. This also gives you the ability to retain control over your device while the video plays.

Give presentation control to students:
In the app you’ll be given a list of all students who can be given control, all you need to do is click on their name.

Share a link with the room:
If you have an internet link you want to share with the class, simply paste in the link and it will pop-up on the Vivi app of every user connected to your room.

Capture a screenshot:
By pressing the Capture Screenshot button you or your students will screenshot the screen being presented, which can then be annotated, saved and downloaded.




Privacy mode:
This allows teachers to stop students from screenshotting content.

Room codes:

You can add an extra level of privacy to your room, by using room codes. Everyone in the classroom must enter a four-digit code to join the room. 

Open Access:
Now everyone in the class will have presenter privileges, for this to occur; you must have room codes enabled.

Guest Access: 

Create a code for a guest to use for 1-24 hours. The guest will have the same capabilities as the presenter, apart from being able to create more guest codes.


Remember with Vivi, the teacher is always in control. When a student connects to the Vivi App, they will have two options available unless Open Access has been activated by the teacher.

Request Control:

This is a way for the student to virtually put their hand up, indicating to the teacher they are interested in sharing their screen. 

Capture Screenshot: 

By pressing the Capture Screenshot button students will screenshot the screen being presented,  which can then be annotated, saved and downloaded.