Vivi Training Webinars

Vivi is loaded with instructional tools and features for teachers. Our training levels help you learn about how to get the most from your Vivi and enhance communication, connection and collaboration in the classroom


Level Up with Vivi in the Classroom

Compatible with Your Existing Devices

Level 1 Webinar: Share Screen

Join us for a live webinar experience for Vivi Level training for the classroom! After completing Level 1 training, teachers will be able to use basic Vivi features to interact with and share their screen wirelessly -- no cords, cables, or wires required.

Level 2 Webinar: Increase Teacher Capacity

Join us for a webinar showcasing the second level in the Vivi training series. After completing Level 2 training, Vivi educators will be able to leverage specific Vivi features to save time, multi-task, and build their overall capacity throughout the instructional day by strategically using their Vivi dashboard.

Effortless Digital Signage Schoolwide
Dynamic and Collaborative Learning Spaces

Level 3 Webinar: Increase Teacher and Student Engagement

This webinar will showcase how to launch the Vivi student app and empower students to share their screens in order to increase engagement, and collaboration, collect meaningful data; and offer students the opportunity to interact with content in impactful ways.

Level 4 Webinar: Flexible Learning

Join us for the final installment of Vivi Level training focused on flexible learning. After completing Level 4 training, Vivi educators will be able to leverage Vivi instructional tools to support a more learner-led, whole-child, and flexible approach to learning by collecting meaningful data around SEL needs, supporting identified needs in the moment, and managing flexible learning environments by offering "anytime-anywhere" connection between teacher and student.

Support Student Engagement and Wellbeing

Vivi Digital Signage & Emergencies

Learn more about Vivi's digital signage and emergency features and how they can be used within your school.

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8 Ways to Kick Off the School Year with Vivi

8 Ways to Kick Off the School Year with Vivi 

At the start of a new school year (or on the return from any extended break), school leaders, teachers and staff have an opportunity to set their expectations and the desired tone for the year. Embracing technology can be a pivotal way to engage students and create an inclusive and dynamic classroom atmosphere. In this blog post, we explore eight innovative ways teachers and school leaders can establish a sense of belonging and drive student engagement with Vivi.

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