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Vivi 101

Sharing lessons, videos, images, and ideas in the classroom prompts discussion, encourages collaboration, and gives students a voice. The Vivi solution enables teachers and students the ability to wirelessly present and share content and feedback without being tethered to wires and cables in the classroom. This session will cover the basics and benefits of Vivi in the classroom.

Vivi Best Practices

The Vivi wireless presentation solution combines classroom management tools with real-time feedback and lesson delivery to create student-centred learning environments that drive productivity. This session explores best practices paired with practical tips and tricks for maximising the use of the Vivi’s features and functions in the classroom with a focus on collaboration, flexibility, and engagement.

Getting to Know the New Vivi App

Vivi’s new app is now available, so it’s a great time to explore how the same features and functions you already love about Vivi are incorporated. In addition to the new look and feel, we’ll highlight new features that are sure to make integrating Vivi into the classroom even more powerful.

Upcoming Webinars for IT Admins and Educational Leaders

Vivi & Digital Signage

Explore Vivi’s Digital Signage feature and how it can be used within your organisation. Learn how to upload media, create playlists, and schedule signage.

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