California School District Cuts Down on Support Tickets and Creates a Flexible Learning Space by Switching to Vivi

20 April 2023 | By viviedu

Vivi is proud to work with IT leaders at schools and districts across the country to provide innovative screen sharing and digital signage solutions. One of our satisfied customers is Bob Fishtrom, Director of Information of Technology Services at Mountain View Los Altos High School District in California.

In this customer story video, Bob shares how Vivi helped his school district create flexible learning spaces and reduce support tickets. He also talks about why he made the switch from a competitor to Vivi and how our technology has improved the overall learning experience for both teachers and students.

We’re thrilled to hear success stories like Bob’s and are committed to providing the best possible solutions to meet the unique needs of each school and district. Watch the video below to hear first-hand from Bob, why he decided to make the switch to Vivi.