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Introducing Vivi Classmate

A simple, fast, FREE way for teachers to deliver and track their students' work – all done remotely





Blended learning is "the most likely scenario" 

- The San Diego County Office of Education
Source: The San Diego Union Tribune

Blended learning will be the benchmark

- Enrique Dans, Senior Contributor, Forbes
Source: Forbes.com

Blended learning and remote learning have been bounded around for a while now, but more than ever schools are now finding that they have to institute policies when classroom instruction just isn't feasible.

Introducing ViviClassmate, the easy-to-use remote learning solution built by educators for educators. A solution to make the delivery classwork simple, yet equitable.

With Vivi Classmate, creating a lesson plan for students remotely is as simple as writing an email. Teachers can simply import student emails into a class list and send out lesson plans that are structured to mirror how students would attend class throughout the day. 

No matter if students or teachers are not physically in the classroom, Classmate keeps students connected and on track with school work. 

Start your transition back to the classroom with Vivi classmate.

ViviClassmate combined phones


Here's what Vivi's Classroom can do your for...


Save time

Focus on instruction and not on complex technology.


Simplify instruction

Curation of each students classwork into a single, easy-to-use format mirrors in-class instruction.


Measure & report

Identify dips in engagement quickly with actionable intelligence on student activity and wellbeing.


Learning equity

Deliver education equitably to all students, whether up in or out of the classroom, on any device. 


Deliver classwork with ease

There is no complicated technology to use. Creating a lesson plan in Classmate is as simple as writing an email.  

Teachers craft clear tasks for lesson plans which can include instructions, videos, and conferencing links.   

Technology challenges become less of a concern when working remotely.  Lesson plans are delivered directly to students regardless of where the student or teacher is located.  





Watch how it works


Make remote learning simple, without spending a cent

Build your first Vivi Classmate lesson today, and thank us later!