Vivi Brings Reliability and Consistency to Flexible Screen Sharing

2 May 2023 | By viviedu

Cardinal Gibbons has been using Vivi for 4 years. Their initial pilot implementation was in 10 classrooms used by teachers with a range of experience and comfort levels with technology. Lesley Coe, Chief Technology Officer at Cardinal Gibbons, was looking for a solution that made it easy for teachers to screen share, and that also provided easy and reliable collaboration tools for students and teachers. They needed a solution that aligned to their vision to make technology and tech support both visible and proactive and helped Lesley fulfill her goal of untethering teachers.

After a two-month evaluation, Vivi proved itself to be both reliable and easy, so the school moved forward with a Vivi implementation that included every classroom. “Vivi proved to be the untethering solution that just works,” Lesley said. She also liked that Vivi was device and OS agnostic as well as the fact that Vivi allowed them to eliminate additional hardware and associated costs for items like doc cams, smart panels, additional wiring, cords, cables, mounting hardware and more. They had been using Miracast and tried ScreenBeam but neither worked well enough to commit to. “We were using ScreenBeam but managing it independently because central management was another cost. Some teachers were using it, but only ones who were okay with its limitations and it wasn’t consistent enough that I wanted to commit to it,” Lesley shared.

After their pilot, Vivi was the easy choice because, as one teacher commented, “I’ve been teaching for 30 years and have used every piece of technology under the sun…Vivi is the best thing yet!”

In their first year of implementation, Cardinal Gibbons put a Vivi into every classroom with a projector. The following year the school added several TVs throughout the campus and added a Vivi to each screen. Some classrooms have multiple displays, which allow teachers to utilize different screens for small group work.

Currently, the school now leverages Vivi in all learning spaces with a screen including learning centers for students, two new faculty innovation spaces for faculty to connect, share, and collaborate, and community spaces.