2.6 Release Blog

7 May 2020 | By viviedu

At Vivi, we’re always listening to what our Vivi community has to say.

And that’s why our latest features are once again in response to requests from our users. Our latest release not only creates a seamless experience for K-12 classrooms, it also provides real benefits to the tertiary sector.  

Our focus is on constant innovation, improvements and new features at no additional cost, designed to deliver greater efficiency to Vivi-enabled classrooms. 

Our newest features are: 

Split Screen

Group work and collaboration are important components of 21st century classrooms.
This is our
major feature this release and enables up to four devices from different users to share on the display simultaneously. Teachers will be able to compare and contrast multiple students’ work on the screen, allowing for greater collaboration. While there are many ways to wirelessly present in a classroom – many of which are expensive and require constant user upgrades – most solutions only display a single screen at a time.  

Our new Split Screen feature breaks down that barrier without the need for any additional infrastructure or third-party software.  

For example, if you are teaching a math class and want students to show their work and then discuss how they reached their answers, with Split Screen each student could easily share their work on the screen in up to four quadrants. You’ll be able to walk through the work and discuss with better clarity and compare.   

Not only will it increase classroom collaboration, our split screens feature will provide real utility for colleges and universities. View the video below to learn more about Vivi Split Screen.

Favorite Rooms

We know there are rooms teachers use more than others.
This will allow a user to mark their favorite rooms in the Vivi App’s ‘rooms list’ so they remain at the top for easy selection. This is a feature suitable for teachers who teach in several different classrooms but want to keep their regular classrooms at the top of the list.

Microsoft Integration

Another Vivi partnership & cloud integration.
For Microsoft users, this will be music to your ears. As a partner with Microsoft for Education, we now integrate with Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft OneNote. This means that you can now save annotations and screens shots while using Vivi, directly into the cloud.

Hide Rooms
Making room selection more efficient.
IT Admins can now hide specific rooms in the Vivi App ‘rooms list’ from users. We created this feature so that displays can be unavailable if they are only used for signage or other non-teaching purposes.

Auto Minimize
Enhancing productivity in the classroom.
This feature is now on by default and allows users to automatically minimizes the Vivi App when they start a screen sharing session. The feature can be disabled in the App settings if desired. Many teachers requested this feature as a productivity enhancement as minimizing the app is always the first things that they have to do after sharing.

About Vivi

Vivi aims to help classrooms become student empowered learning environments, integrating cross-platform wireless screen mirroring and video streaming with advanced and intuitive classroom features such as formative assessment, health and wellbeing checks; fast and reliable video streaming; digital signage; emergency broadcast and so much more. All this is easy to use and centrally managed via a cloud-based administration platform.



Update your Vivi Boxes to the 2.6.0 firmware.
Details can be found in the Admin Guide.


Update your Vivi App to the 2.19.0 application.