Vivi 1.7 coming in early 2018

6 December 2017 | By viviedu

2017 was a big year for Vivi, with four software releases packed with game-changing features for the education market.

To kick off 2018, we are excited to announce our first software release of the new year that includes our most highly-requested features.



Vivi will no longer just be your wireless presentation solution, but also your digital signage solution. In this release, every Vivi-enabled screen has the capacity to form a digital signage network. You will be able to upload media, create playlists, signage groups, and schedule media for a desired time and length. All conveniently, centrally-managed through the Admin Portal.


In this release, teachers will be able to pause the display whilst presenting static content, freeing up their device for use, whilst students can still reference the screen. Staff will appreciate maintaining productivity, whilst leaving homework assignments, quiz questions, etc up on the screen.


Vivi users can now play a video file located on their computer directly through Vivi. This will give them access to all the Play Video Direct functionality, including video controls, exceptional video quality, and the ability to use the presentation device while the video plays. 


To better support the learning environment for hearing-impaired students and students from a non-English speaking background, Vivi will be able to display subtitles and captioning for videos when available.