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Use our Support Hub to access how-to guides, answer product questions, and raise support tickets. Or join a webinar, request professional development, or complete a self-paced online course.

It's so easy to use that we feel silly calling it "training"

Our customer success team are all ex-teachers and offer a variety of training options. Why undertake Vivi training?

  • Add to teachers’ professional development
  • Create a more engaged classroom
  • Contribute to improved learning outcomes
  • Enjoy more effective student/teacher collaboration
  • Implement real-time formative assessments

For technical guidance, please visit our Support Hub.

Support Hub

There are three ways to get to know Vivi:


Get to know the basics with a 101 session, or explore practical tips with a deep-dive into best practices.

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Customer success

Our team is an extension of your team (if you want us to be) and they’re available at no extra cost.

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Self-paced online course

Step-by-step guides and questionnaires to ensure you are well equipped to make your classroom more social.

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Are you a teacher? We love teachers

Vivi enables teachers to move around their classroom with complete freedom.

  • Control the screen and engage with students from any point in the room, keeping the entire class involved in the lesson and focused on learning.
  • With teacher permission, any student can present their ideas to their classmates, which is a powerful confidence builder.
  • Teachers can easily hand over control of the screen, creating a free-flowing, collaborative learning environment.

Vivi wasn’t just created to “cut the cord” between devices and screens.

It includes a long list of pedagogical features that contribute to a learning environment where students are encouraged to take a proactive role in their education. And where teachers can use the range of technological tools at their fingertips to achieve more in every lesson.

Learn more about how Vivi is nurturing the 21st Century Classroom.

Print resources for your classroom

  • How to connect – A quick guide to connecting to Vivi for the first time: Download
  • App features – A summary of the key features of our Vivi App: Download
  • Guest access – A guide to the four ways you can give your guests quick Vivi access: Download
  • How to use ClickView with Vivi – Instructions on reliably streaming videos from the ClickView website directly to the Vivi in your room: Download