In the market for a wireless presentation solution?

We know you’ll think we’re biased – so we’re not going to tell you that Vivi is the best solution and expect you to simply believe us.
Instead, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions before making your final choice. And before long, you’ll see why Vivi really is superior.
Does it offer true screen mirroring?

True full screen mirroring means that an entire screen can be mirrored natively from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most wireless presentation solutions require users to load mobile content onto a separate app – adding an extra step (or five) unnecessarily.

Vivi offers true full screen mirroring.

How reliable is the solution’s wireless connectivity?

Many wireless presentation solutions experience regular, intermittent drop outs and interfere with existing networks.

Not Vivi. We won’t bore you with technical details, other than to say our purpose-built technology is as reliable as it gets.

Is it easy to use? Really easy to use?

Is the solution you are considering fool-proof? Is it fast and simple to use – with as few steps as possible to get going?

Vivi is the simplest wireless presenting software on the market and requires no user training.

Does it stream smooth, high quality video?

Before you choose any solution, scrutinise the quality of its video streaming. Is it smooth and synchronised – or slow, jerky and jolty?

Vivi delivers the most superior HD wireless video presentations possible, with a perfectly synced audio visual experience. Even on basic networks. What’s more, Vivi plays videos directly over the wired network like a media player – freeing up your mobile device for other tasks.

Can it capture and save screens for future reference?

Very few wireless presentation and screen sharing tools allow you to annotate, capture and save content from the TV screen or projector for future use.

Vivi is one of the few solutions on the market that does.

How easy will it be to introduce and integrate into your school or workplace?

Introducing new technologies into an organisation can be slow and challenging, both at the global and user level. And the cost of widespread roll-out can be financially prohibitive.

But because Vivi supports AD/SAML single sign on, your staff will be set to go from day one – using their existing usernames and passwords.

Is it constantly evolving?

With many technology solutions, what you get is… well, what you get. Software mostly remains unchanged – with limited improvement and evolution over time.

But with Vivi, you’ll enjoy new features and usability enhancements with every quarterly software update. We never stop responding to the changing needs of both the education and corporate sectors. And we never stop listening to what our customers want.

How easy is it to maintain?

Managing technology shouldn’t be a full time gig. And keeping your systems running with every Apple or Windows release update should be smooth and simple too.

Vivi’s cloud-based administration portal makes it easy to manage your Vivi fleet, rename units, perform bulk updates – and assess the health of all units in an instant.

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