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Digital Signage Templates for COVID-19 & Transitioning Back to the Classroom



Many students and educators are understandably feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or uncertain due to COVID-19 and the transition back to the classroom. In these tough times Vivi is here to help.

One way to ease these concerns is good, clear communication. Vivi’s Digital Signage solution allows you to communicate with tailored messaging on any Vivi-enabled display or monitor throughout your school. This messaging can include reminders about good hygiene (like washing your hands), COVID-19 symptoms, good social distancing practices, or even pick-me-up and wellbeing messages. These can be scheduled to play at specific times or throughout the entire day.

To make this as easy as possible, the Vivi team is excited to provide all partners with these helpful signage templates...


Template Files – Ready to Download





signage template symptoms image



Instructions to Use Signage Templates


To use these templates in your Vivi Digital Signage system, work through the following steps:

  1. Open the template in PowerPoint (or equivalent application).
  2. Insert your school’s logo in the space provided and make any other changes or additions you wish.
  3. Export the PowerPoint once it’s ready, click File > Export > Create a Video.
  4. Set the first drop down to Full HD (1080p) and the second to Use Recorded Timings and Narrations. Set the seconds spent on each slide to a suitable time (e.g 10), then click Create Video > Save As.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all templates you would like to use in your signage.

To upload into the Vivi Signage system:

  1. Log into Vivi Central at https://admin.vivi.io/
  2. Click on Media in the left-hand main menu, then Add Media > Add video. In the pop-up, click Choose Files and select the video(s) you created, then Submit > wait for the file(s) to upload > Close.
  3. If you haven’t already, set up a Signage Group for the screens in your school by clicking Signage > Groups > Create Signage Group. In the pop-up, give the group a name then use the > button to move the rooms you want into the Selected box. Alternatively, use the >> button to move all rooms. Once complete, click Create.
  4. If you are going to be using more than one video, create a playlist by clicking on Signage > Playlists > Create Playlist. In the pop-up, give the playlist a name, then use the > button to move the items you want into the Your Playlist box. Once complete, click Create.
    Note: If you are also including images, you can click on the time next to it in the Your Playlist box and change the time (in seconds). 
  5. To have the signage playing on your screens, click on Signage > Create Signage Schedule.
  6. On the Name page, give the schedule a name then click Next.
  7. On the Destinations page, choose the Signage Group created in steps 3, then click Next.
  8. On the Playlists page, choose the Playlist created in step 4, then click Next.
  9. On the Date and Time page, choose the date and the time it will run (eg. today’s date, running from 8:30am to 4:00pm). To make the playlist play during that time every day, click Repeat > Daily, then choose if you want this to continue forever (until you stop it) or until a particular date, then choose which days it will play on and click Next.
  10. On the Overview page, make sure all the information is correct then click Submit.
    Note: If you have set the date and time as Now, it will take a few minutes to download onto your Vivi boxes and start playing.

We hope this is helpful. Let the Vivi team know if you have any questions.

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