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Why Choose SaaS for EdTech


Why more companies are choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) over traditional hardware solutions.


The way schools and districts buy educational technology has evolved over the years, and more and more EdTech providers have started to embrace the SaaS model because of the many benefits it provides to customers. We have outlined below the benefits provided from a software-centric solution.


Faster installation and easier administration.

Vivi Central, Vivi's cloud-based administration platform is provided at no additional cost. This robust platform allows for centralized administration of your solution from anywhere – a significant benefit to IT teams that sit at a district level. Updates to the Vivi Boxes are pushed out directly from the Vivi Central. Integrate Vivi with your existing SSO/SSI platform, such as Active Directory or Google OAuth to easily set-up user accounts. Also included is our analytics dashboard that provides engagement and participation metrics.


Budgeting made easier.

A simple straight-forward subscription cost allows you to reduce the initial capital outlay by spreading the cost over time. The fixed yearly costs help when planning annual budgets, with no hidden fees.  Plus, when choosing a SaaS solution, you also reduce costs in maintaining the hardware as it’s our responsibility to replace it if anything goes wrong.


Continuous access to the latest technology.

SaaS isn't just about selling a static piece of hardware - it's about continually improving our product to meet the needs of the classroom environment.  Vivi provides a future-proof solution that is continually evolving, giving you access to the latest product developments. We regularly survey our customers and incorporate their feedback into education-specific features into our product development pipeline.


Doesn't lock you into one device hardware vendor.

It's also about the freedom to choose the best devices and operating system for your school, without getting locked into one vendor. Vivi works with every device and operating system. When investing in a software-centric solution, every time Windows/Apple/Chrome do a software update, our development team is one step ahead, tweaking our software to ensure optimal use of Vivi.


Hardware and software maintenance is our responsibility. 

If something goes wrong, it's our responsibility to replace it. The Vivi Box is included as part of the solution, and if it needs to be fixed or replaced, we will swap it out free of charge. Bug fixes are dealt with swiftly by our in-house development team and fixes are easily pushed out thanks to our cloud portal.


Best practice customer service is our guarantee.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. When you purchase the Vivi solution, we enter into an on-going partnership. It's in our interest to provide you with the best customer experience possible, throughout your subscription period. Being an agile, software-driven company, we can quickly respond to customer issues and provide personal follow-ups from our local support team.

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