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To celebrate the much-anticipated upcoming release of our Student Feedback Tool, we’re excited to offer you and your team two incentive opportunities, as part of our new Vivi Reseller Incentive Program; an Agent Incentive and a Team Incentive.


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1st August - 30th September 2019

Receive a $50 Visa Gift Card for every new evaluation you place in an eligible school. There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can earn!



  1. You must be employed by a Vivi Reseller;
  2. An eligible school must not currently be a Vivi customer and have not evaluated Vivi in the last 12 months.


  1. Arrange a demo with an eligible school and a Vivi Business Development Manager;
  2. The school agrees to an evaluation;
  3. You complete the Vivi Reseller Agent Incentive Form;
  4. We will review your submission and confirm via email that the school is eligible;
  5. Once deemed eligible, we will send the school the Evaluation Agreement and proceed with setting up the evaluation;
  6. Once the Evaluation Agreement has been completed, you will have qualified for one $50 Visa voucher;
  7. Incentives will be disbursed monthly via express post, by the 15th of the following month



Terms & Conditions

  1. Only Vivi Reseller who are under a valid Vivi Reseller Agreement and are formally invited by Vivi to participate are eligible for the Vivi Reseller Incentive Program;
  2. Vivi Reseller Incentive Program participation is subject to Vivi’s sole approval and verification of participation eligibility;
  3. Vivi’s decision to allow or refuse benefits to a Vivi Reseller under the Vivi Reseller Incentive Program is final;
  4. At the time of registering the new evaluation the Reseller must provide the first and last name, direct email address and direct phone number of the IT Administrator from the eligible school;
  5. For the purposes of the Vivi Reseller Incentive Program “evaluation” shall mean the signed Vivi Evaluation Agreement by the school and the provision of a temporary Vivi subscription for the purpose of the school trialling Vivi during a set Evaluation Period;
  6. For the purposes of the Vivi Reseller Incentive Program “eligible school” shall mean any K-12 or higher education institution that a) has not submitted a purchase order for one or more subscriptions prior to the 1st August 2019 and b) does not have a current signed Evaluation Agreement already in place and/or has not evaluated Vivi in the last 12 months (01/09/2018 - 31/07/2019) and c) where no previous relationship between Vivi or another reseller exists, unless otherwise approved by Vivi;
  7. To be eligible to apply for the Vivi Reseller Incentives Program Reseller Agent Reward, a demo must be completed by a Vivi Business Development Manager;
  8. Vivi reserves the right to review, modify, extend or discontinue any and/or all aspects of the Vivi Reseller Incentive Program at any time without notice;
  9. It is understood that you have applied for the Vivi Reseller Incentive Program after reading the full Terms and Conditions and understanding the rights, obligations, terms and conditions set forth herein, and will comply with all related laws and regulations.