Students are social. Their campus should be too.

Vivi wireless screen mirroring technology is built for educators, controllable by centralized IT, and ideal for transforming higher education classes into highly social classrooms.

No other screen mirroring technology is as plug-and-play, technology-agnostic or scalable to work in 1 or 1,000 classrooms as Vivi’s all-in-one solution. Now, higher education institutions can deliver better educational outcomes for a diverse student population.

For Higher Education

Join over 1,600 schools, 80,000 classrooms, and 500,000 students and teachers.

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“During our early days we made use of the Vivi stats with staff as a leaderboard but we had to stop because it was getting too competitive”

Phillip Sakellaridis
Director of Digital Learning
St Francis Xavier College

Technology that optimizes existing technology for the ultimate ROI.

Higher education institutions utilize a wide range of educational apps, from Google Classroom to Zoom. But what happens when you integrate Vivi wireless screen mirroring with what you already have? You get unprecedented collaboration, sharing and engagement for maximized return on investment.

With just a few clicks, educators and students can share their screens on a classroom display so everyone can work together, taking learning to a whole new level. Students become peers and faculty become facilitators of the social classroom.

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Educators and IT stay in control

With Vivi, IT leaders can control the box with the touch of a button, sending alerts and notifications or shutting it down completely - per class, building or campus. You can also use Vivi on any campus display as dynamic digital signage, controlling what shows, where and when.

Educators in the classroom can preview student material and grant sharing permissions. Play video through the Vivi box, not their device, so they can control a video through their laptop for the whole class to watch on the classroom display while using the same device to work on other things. Multitasking at its finest - with none of the risk.

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Note-taking has never been easier

The Vivi app comes with a comprehensive annotation suite that lets students screenshot any content an educator is sharing to the display and annotate on top of it - unless the educator has Privacy Mode on because the teacher is always in control.

Alternatively, students can write their notes on a digital whiteboard alongside a screenshot without having to touch a display everyone else is touching.

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Hybrid students?
No problem.

We built Zoom and other video conferencing platforms into the Vivi app, so a hybrid student with the Vivi app on their device can raise their hand in the app and the educator can allow them to share their screen with the rest of the classroom.

Now, no matter where students are learning, they can engage and collaborate with their peers and professor. Vivi gives higher education institutions the ability to teach with ultimate access and flexibility.

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