Get ready for the new school year.

Introducing Vivi's Summer Pilot Program

Vivi Summer Pilot Program

Here are 3 reasons why summer is an ideal time to try Vivi and get a jumpstart on upgrading your classroom technology. 

  1. Test drive Vivi during your quiet(er) time. With a summer pilot, you can try things out in a more controlled fashion, avoiding the disruptions and distractions that can complicate a pilot during the school year.
  2. Smooth out any kinks while teachers and students are away. Be among the first to test out Vivi’s latest enhancements, including the Network Diagnostics Tool, which helps uncover and address network-related issues before the start of the school year.
  3. Build an unparallel classroom experience in time for the first day of school. Inform your fall rollout and professional development needs to deliver the interactive, reliable and consistent classroom experience your entire community deserves. 

Don’t wait until September. Book a meeting to learn how to get started with your Summer Pilot.  

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