Stream directly to classrooms with new Live Broadcast

3 April 2020 | By viviedu

As social distancing becomes the new norm we’ve all had to get creative with how we work, communicate, and teach. At Vivi, we went into overdrive to meet the needs of many schools adapting to this new reality. Live Broadcast is one part of a new feature that we have accelerated ahead of our next major release. Still in beta and only part of the full feature, Live Broadcast enables schools to display live broadcasts via the Vivi Box. To keep things simple, it works seamlessly with third party software. 

So, what exactly is it?  

At its core, Live Broadcast now allows you to play video, whether it be RTSP or HLS video stream directly from the Vivi Box. Delivery of the video is made easy using already existing features Video Direct or Digital Signage. With Video Direct it is as simple as pasting in the stream’s URL the same as you would with normal video URLs. If you’d rather use our Digital Signage feature to schedule a live broadcast, we’ve created a new media type called “Video Stream” for you to use within your signage schedules. 

But wait, there’s more. 

Since we were already updating, we decided to add more!  

Introducing signage precedence. We know that not every message holds the same importance, so we created a system that allows you to override screens with a more pressing message. Signage Schedules can now be set to “Interrupt” or “Interrupt and Lock”.  When set to Interrupt, whatever is happening on the box at the time will be interrupted by the signage schedule, but presenters will still be able to resume presenting.  When set to Interrupt and Lock, whatever is happening on the box at the time will be interrupted by the signage schedule and presenters will not be able to resume presenting until the signage schedule has finished. 

Nice, but how does it all work?  

A video stream can be easily added when creating you Digital Signage Schedule.

New video stream

This stream can then can be easily scheduled across all the desired displays at a specified time with the Signage Schedule being set to Interrupt and Lock.

vivicentral lock

You can then use third party software to capture and broadcast the stream at the time it is set to play, however, when we release the full version of Live Broadcast you will be capture and share through the Vivi app. 

Discover how to set up a signage schedule here 

We’ve been working with a school to develop this using MistServer as a streaming server to broadcast the stream to their Vivi fleet in conjunction with the Larix Broadcaster app on an iPad to capture the stream and send it to the streaming server.  Another possible option would be to use the open source video player VLC to capture and broadcast the stream. 

We love feedback. Let us know how Live Streams are working for your classroom. 

COMING SOON: Support for YouTube Live and Vimeo Livestream