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Higher education, highly engaged

The end-to-end student engagement solution for a truly connected campus


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Thousands of students globally understand the power of Vivi

The same experience across campus, for every student

Never has it been easier to provide a comprehensive campus engagement solution  across your entire campus.  

Vivi provides colleges and  universities with one cost effective solution to create a connected and uniform educational experience for all students. 




Affordable, all-in-one campus management

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Student Engagement

A shared experience is often a better experience.   

Create efficient and collaborative environments for students to produce their best work. With Vivi, students can annotate, save, and share class notes and coursework directly from the app.  

With wireless screen mirroring and split screen technology, organizing group work is easy, allowing for multiple students to share and discuss their work. 


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Campus Management

Administration of each Vivi unit in your network is controlled from a single source.  

Coordinate your Digital Signage for strategic messaging across campus or use Emergency Broadcast features to alert everyone immediately of important announcements. Our Live Broadcast tool means you can transmit messages directly to people when distancing rules are in place. 

No matter where on campus, IT administrators can manage any Vivi box. 


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Student Feedback

Tailor course and campus strategy with real-time feedback 

Student feedback is instant with Vivi. Monitor in real-time how students are feeling in class and across campus.  

Safe and anonymous feedback lets you recalibrate lessons for more engagement with real insight. Flag at-risk disengaged students in danger of dropping out, and arrange timely intervention.

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Power Management

Make your way to becoming a green campus.  

Vivi supports the use of HDMI CEC to schedule turning on and off of displays. No longer will you need to rely on everyone switching off their displays at the end of the day.  

Program each Vivi Box across your network to shut off your displays, reducing your campus energy costs.  


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Stakeholder management is seamless with real-time analytics and an intuitive backend interface.  

Analyze and report on student engagement, faculty device use, and feedback all through Vivi Central. This central database houses all data allowing you to create informed decisions about campus strategy. 


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Deliver campus engagement at scale with Vivi  





Vivi runs seamlessly across all devices and any operating system

Clear communication

 Broadcast to any and every Vivi-enabled display across campus from a single location

Real insight

Monitor and track in real-time data of student and staff engagement 

Collaborate with tools that are intuitive and advance learning 

Learning with interactivity has shown to drive better understanding for students and their ability to retain information. 

Foster real group work and share multiple screens at once with Vivi’s split-screen feature, or keep everyone's attention with Vivi's digital whiteboards.  

It's like having a whiteboard in your hand, making any lecture or class more productive. 

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Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers are saying

     Vivi fits the requirements for our multi-screen classrooms perfectly. Unlike other screen-mirroring systems it’s been designed from the outset for education, and this really shows in its simplicity to set up and use, rich education-focussed feature set, and flexibility.

Head of Innovative Learning Solutions
Kaplan International Pathways

        The feedback from our academic staff is ‘these are great. Please put them in everywhere.' Day 1, we had a user who found the Vivi button on the interface and had worked out that she could use Vivi in her lecture capture session and change her plan on the fly.

Head of IT
University of Bath

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