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Features of the Vivi Solution




We don’t engage in the Mac vs. PC debate. Vivi is one for all and all for one. With Vivi you are equipped to use any mobile device, computer or tablet.
Features-Untethered teacher.png

Untethered Teachers

Vivi allows for the teacher to move freely around the room engaging with students and is no longer restricted to the front of the room.
Features-Empower students.png

Empowered Students

The ability to easily take control of the screen empowers the students to show their own work and receive real-time feedback from peers and teachers.
Features-Central Admin Portal.png

Vivi Central

This administration platform is easy for admins to centrally manage all account settings, room names, boxes and user settings.
Features-Direct video play.png

Direct Video Play

Play high-quality videos straight from the Vivi receiver, meaning the video is streaming directly from your hard-wired internet, and not slowing down your Wi-Fi network.
Features-Dashboard Analytics-icon.png

Dashboard Analytics

Curriculum and E-Learning Managers will be able to see the participation and engagement levels of Vivi users in their schools.


Full Screen Mirroring

Whether it’s a phone, computer or tablet, Vivi offers full screen mirroring with autodetected resolution.

Mirror to Multiple Displays

With Vivi, you can display whatever you want, whenever you want on any device and mirror it directly onto other Vivi-connected screens.

Screen Capture

Capture your screenshot, annotate it, save it and share it, all with a click of a button

Link Sharing

All you need to do is copy and paste a URL into the Vivi App to instantly share content with your class.

Emergency Broadcast Feature

Vivi can alert everyone at once with a pre-determined message displayed to all Vivi connected devices immediately.

Easy Guest Access

To make your class even more efficient- guest presenters can access your Vivi screen without having to waste time registering.

Individual Room Code

Want extra security for your Vivi classroom? Room Codes require every user to enter a rooms four-digit code before connecting. This is also easy to switch on and off in Vivi Central.


Fast Enterprise Provisioning

At the time of rollout, packages for client apps can be downloaded providing the most efficient way of distributing the Vivi client to your user base.

Active Directory/SSO Support

Vivi is simple to use, and Active directory proves this when using existing credentials to sign in to Vivi, users will inherit the roles based on what groups the administrator has already assigned them.

Optimization and Usage Analytics

You can monitor Vivi usage, how many students, teachers, and classes are active and compare your classroom to the national averages.

Student/Teacher Roles

In Vivi Central, you can assign Student and Teacher roles, which control the functionality they can access. In a classroom environment, the teacher can give and revoke screen access to students at any time.


The power choice is yours. Vivi’s come standard with POE, but standard DC power is still available.

Custom Branded Screens

To create unity across all Vivi-enabled screens, customizable Splash Screens with your school's branding can be uploaded to Vivi Central.