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Screen Sharing

Vivi supports teachers in engaging students to support learning acceleration and intervention for at-risk students. With easy wireless connectivity for any device, students and teachers can seamlessly work together in one or more groups or 1:1 for ultimate flexibility and lesson customization.

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Academic Enhancement

The use of Vivi instructional tools can drive teacher professional learning and enhance the learning environment for students at risk of not meeting their educational goals and potential. Students can take greater ownership of their learning, and educators can easily monitor lesson understanding on an individual basis.

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Emergency Alerts

With increased behavior and safety incident rates on the rise, Vivi serves as a cohesive, rapid communication tool to ensure safe and healthy schools. In just seconds, admins and leaders can create messaging at the campus or district levels, taking over digital screens to communicate urgent messages.

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Digital Signage

Vivi’s digital signage is made to handle dynamic, daily communication so teachers and leaders can focus on operations, service continuity, effective use of technology, and improving learning environments. From welcome messages at building entrances to announcements and student accolades, digital signage is a modern approach to communication.

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