Sick of being chained to the front of the classroom – and at the mercy of cords and cables? Tired of technology you can’t rely on? Wish you could support individual students more easily, more often?

With Vivi, you can overcome all this and so much more. And the best part? Drifting minds and dry lessons will be a thing of the past.

Enjoy the flexibility

Vivi supports all school device policies and is ideal for ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environments.

Compatible with all mobile devices – laptops, tablets and smartphones – Vivi does not discriminate. Vivi also works the same way across all operating platforms including Apple, Windows and Android.

Achieve freedom while you work

When we ask teachers what they love most about Vivi, the answer is unanimous: it’s the freedom to roam the room while they work and teach – without a wire in sight to hold them back. Or trip them up!

Now you can walk up to Lily, Jack or Alex to give them a helping hand or review their work at any time. All while remaining in complete control of your lesson.

Empower your students

With Vivi in your classroom, you can ask any student to take control whenever you wish (with your permission of course). In other words, students can share their screen with the rest of the class in an instant – whether it’s to deliver a presentation they’ve prepared earlier or to display their work and ideas at a moment’s notice.

Students can also capture, annotate and save content from the main screen to their personal devices simply and easily. That’s empowerment like never before.

Stream High Definition (HD) video

Videos are part and parcel of classroom learning in the digital age. So why compromise on picture quality and risk losing your students’ attention?

Vivi streams the smoothest HD video imaginable – even in basic network environments. No lags or clunky buffering. And no more faded, grainy footage.

Just rich clear videos with a single touch.

‘An amazing system, as a technician of a high school, Vivi is easy to use, set up and manage, truly much better than its counterpart as Vivi does not flood the network. The teachers in my school love it as Vivi gives control back to them in their classroom with simplicity, and the students love Vivi as their presentations are easy to show to the class. A perfect system, for the perfect school.’

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Vivi in action

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