Vivi 1.4.0 | Custom splash screens and room codes

  • Presenters can now access room settings to temporarily set privacy and access 
  • Room listing now shows if a room is available, unavailable rooms cannot be accessed
  • Students now have the same controls as teachers, these become available when a teacher grants access or the room is "open access"
  • Students can now Request Access, access requests appear at the top of the presenters list

Vivi 1.4.2 | Maintenance

  • Disabled HDMI-CEC dependency to prevent sleep mode disconnections on certain displays 
  • Disabled profiling acknowledgements during normal usage

Vivi 1.4.1 | Maintenance

  • YouTube Updated to support videos posted after 30 Jan;
  • Reduction in false positives for unit "Disconnected" messages
  • Fixed web console access for non-network connected devices


This release introduces custom splash screens, room codes and various user enhancements