Release Date: 8th April 2016


  • Allow setting nameservers with static IP network configuration
  • Details provided with ping results to help with solving network issues
  • Compatibility with iOS 9.3
  • Detect AirPlay starting video mode
  • Automatically stop stream when streamer disconnects explicitly
  • AP timeout is now 10 minutes, instead of 5
  • Under the hood changes to support bulk administration in the future
  • Boots significantly faster

Bug Fixes

  • Make it clear in the webconsole that the box will restart automatically after updating now
  • Clear DHCP lease cache from image
  • Make postinstall messages less verbose
  • Fix ping requests being rejected by picky gateways
  • Extend request timeouts in case of temporarily slow networks
  • Fix saying "Something went wrong" when deleting a cert, even though it worked
  • Fix update page in webconsole not showing an in-progress update after leaving the page
  • Fix not converting a DER cert to PEM automatically
  • Fix regression with OS sometimes not registering certs