Release date 19 October 2016

Update 2.7.1 (Windows)


  • Full support for the Vivi 1.3 Firmware Update (Windows Optimisation)

Release date 10 Jun 2016

Update 2.6.1


  • AD support
  • Select organisation before logging in
  • LDAP and SAML login forms
  • Android support
  • 1080p support
  • Rooms list revamp (Search &Recent rooms sorted to top)
  • Update notifications
  • Password recovery and email confirmation support
  • Support Windows MSI and Mac App Store builds


  • Language is now agnostic to Education/Corporate markets
  • Modal popups are instead separate page
  • Automatically stop streaming when returning to rooms list
  • Can clear shared link in a room
  • Display a message when using Chrome app when not on a Chromebook
  • Add "Launch Vivi" option to Windows installer
  • Improved error messaging, including longer notification popups and more of them
  • Include timestamp in snapshot filename when saving on Windows/Mac/Chromebook


  • (Windows) Updates not installing over some versions.
  • (Windows) Incompatibility with some AVs.
  • Presenter code being blank would create a student account instead of failing
  • DPI scaling being ignored on some devices on Windows
  • Some display resolutions not being able to be streamed on Windows
  • Tiny fonts on Chromebook