Imagine walking into a meeting without having to worry about the reliability of your technology. Imagine never having to call your IT Manager in a panic again – while everyone sits and waits.

With Vivi, you’ll never lose a second of valuable meeting time again. Nor will you have to fumble with wires and adaptors while praying your presentation will appear on the big screen. Vivi is exactly what you (and your IT Manager) have been waiting for.

Experience flexibility

What’s the point of wireless technology unless it works for everyone?

Whatever software or applications you or your colleagues are using, Vivi is everyone’s best friend. That’s because it is compatible with all devices – laptops, tablets and smartphones – across all platforms including Apple, Windows and Android.

No need to preload content into third party devices ever again.

Achieve freedom while you present

Keeping colleagues and clients engaged during presentations can be hard work. And when you’re chained to the front of the boardroom the entire time, those yawns start coming thick and fast.

With Vivi you’re able to roam the room without a second’s thought while you present. No need to rush back to the front of the room to scroll, click or flick.

Stream High Definition (HD) video

Why compromise on picture quality and take chances with your important video presentations?

Vivi streams the smoothest HD video imaginable – even in basic network environments. No lags or clunky buffering. And no more faded, grainy footage.

Just rich clear videos with a single touch.

Share the stage - at any stage

With Vivi, anyone in the room can take over the main display at any time – directly from their own device. It’s fast and ridiculously easy. No IT degree necessary.

Just instant, quality presenting and screen sharing that never lets you down.

What’s more, meeting participants can also capture, annotate and save content from the main display to their own devices at any time.

‘We had a great time the Annual Kids Connect event with Vivi, presenting Kids iMovies to 200 parents from their iPads. Kids installed Vivi and each group was able to present from anywhere in the room effortlessly. Both kids and parents had a wonderful evening!’

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