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Vivi vs
Kramer VIA GO²

Vivi and the Kramer VIA GO² are both widely used as wireless screen-sharing solutions in education.

However, that doesn’t mean they were created equal. There are several key differences between the two products that have real implications for teachers, students and IT managers.

We’ve prepared this product comparison to help you make the best choice for your school, district and higher education institution.



Vivi's key points of difference to Kramer VIA GO²

  • Purpose built - Vivi is purpose-built for education, offering teacher and student-specific engagement tools and enterprise management for school and district IT admins. The VIA GO² is intended for small to mid-size meeting rooms, which can include classrooms, but is not purpose-built for the classroom.


  • Digital signage - Vivi includes a robust Digital Signage solution at no additional cost, offering broadcast of images, videos, live feeds, websites and Google Presentations to classrooms and common areas. Signage can easily be grouped into playlists and scheduled to display on one or multiple displays. The Kramer Digital Signage offering has limits of 3 frames of URLs, scrolling text, media files and RSS Feeds.


  • Centralised management - Vivi Central is a robust all-in-one cloud-based management system, designed for IT Admins in education, giving them the ability to set up rooms and locations, monitor devices and make updates remotely from Vivi Central, cloud-based admin portal. Kramer has their own VIA Site Management software (VSM) for managing gateways, which is self-hosted and is sold separately.


  • Teacher controlled - Vivi has been designed so that the teacher always retains control over the shared display. Each user must log in to the app to access its features and is assigned appropriate access rights based on their identity as teacher or student. The teacher can give control to share a screen to the student or unlock the room to allow students to connect without requiring permission. While higher priced Kramer products (like the VIA Connect PRO, PLUS, CAMPUS & COLLAGE) do offer collaboration features, the VIA GO² does not have any collaborative features such as annotation, whiteboard and student control request.


  • Direct video - Vivi’s Direct Video Play allows teachers to stream HD videos directly to the screen and projector while using their laptops for other purposes. With video playing an ever-increasing role in 21st century education, this is incredibly useful. Kramer’s VIA GO² direct gateway video play is limited to an integrated YouTube video player, unlike Vivi which can accommodate YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Dailymotion and others.


  • Collaboration - In the modern classroom, it’s common for students to collaborate in small groups, in some cases supported by multiple screens or projectors in the single learning space. Vivi enables student groups to present different content onto individual Vivi-enabled screens, and even have up to 4 presenters on a screen at once. Kramer’s VIA GO² can only accommodate up to 2 presenters on the display at a time.


  • Personalised professional development - Vivi provides professional development and training to teachers and staff, onboarding, and unlimited support, all included with the solution at no additional cost.



Feature comparison how Vivi compares to Kramer VIA GO²




Kramer VIA GO²

Markets served

Education Corporate / Education / Other


Wireless screen sharing

Extended desktop

Windows Only

Enhanced video play + Movie mode

Pause screen

Split screen multi-user sharing

4 Users

2 Users Only

Share to multiple screens

Touch screen support

Room access code option

Guest passcode option


Student engagement tools

Student request sharing control

Capture display screenshot

Annotation tools

Classwork assignments

Feedback / Formative assessment

Student well-being check



Digital signage

Emergency alert

Live video broadcast


Enterprise management

Cloud-based admin portal

Self Hosted

Location & rooms management

Active Directory / SSO Integration

User access control / Roles

Custom splash image

Enterprise provisioning

Bulk software updates

Bulk device configuration

CEC Power management

Web Proxy management

Device logging

Usage & analytics dashboards

OS Support


Mac OS







AC Adaptor or POE AC Adaptor


Ethernet or Wi-Fi Ethernet or Wi-Fi



Why is Vivi the right choice for you?

Investing in technology that can be monitored and measured is the best way to ensure accountability among users.

For this reason, Vivi has developed a data metrics dashboard that allows nominated administrators to review how often teachers and students are presenting to the screen, who the most active users are, which classrooms are seeing the most Vivi usage and how often specific Vivi features are being accessed. These insights enable schools to better understand how the system is being used, and to provide support and education to help all users get maximum benefit from screen mirroring.

Vivi is the only screen mirroring solution on the market that provides this level of pedagogical transparency.

The bottom line...

Built exclusively for the needs of education, the Vivi wireless screen sharing & student engagement platform helps enhance learning by;

  • Improving teacher productivity in the classroom by up to 10%
  • Encouraging and improving student centered learning.
  • And significantly improving classroom communication and notification.

In addition, for the IT organization Vivi:

  • Reduces IT helpdesk support tickets and issues by 5%.
  • Reduces classroom cable and AV infrastructure expenditure by up to 20%.
  • Supports 100% of all student and teacher devices and displays.
  • And provides complete visibility and control on user adoption and utilization.

Discover a better way to engage every student


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