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Teacher Training Videos 

Short, simple videos to provide you with practical ways to integrate Vivi features into your classroom.  




Give Student Control

This video shows you one example of how to use our Give Student Control feature.

Using this feature, you will see a list of students who are connected to the room - you can either ask them to digitally raise their hand, as demonstrated in the video, or simply select their name from the list. 

Visit the corresponding Support Hub page for more information.


Play a Video

This video shows you how to use our three different options to play a video. 

1. Play a Video Direct
2. Play a Local Video Direct
3. Movie Mode

One of the big reason teacher's love our direct video play options is that it frees up their screen to complete other tasks while the video plays. 

Visit the corresponding Support Hub page for more information.


Pause Screen

This video shows you how our Pause Screen feature freezes a static piece of content on the main screen, enabling you to continue using your device.

This means you can leave important notes or homework instructions on one screen for student reference, while continuing to perform your own work.

Visit the corresponding Support Hub page for more information.


Capture & Annotate

This video shows you how to incorporate the Capture and Annotate feature into your lesson.

On the Vivi App, if you select the Annotate button, Vivi will capture a still image of the screen, and your image will then appear with the annotation tools. If you press the Capture button, it will automatically save the image to your default pictures folder.

Visit the corresponding Support Hub page for more information.

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