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Vivi is much more than just a screen mirroring solution, with a host of classroom features, such as Give Student Control, Annotation and Whiteboard Mode, all designed to maximize student engagement and learning outcomes.


Teaching Training Videos

Teacher Training Videos


A series of short videos that will give you practical tips and handy hints for using Vivi's full suite of features.

  • Give Student Control.
  • Play a Video.
  • Pause Screen.
  • Capture & Annotate.

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Vivi How to Connect Poster A4

How to Connect Poster

A quick users guide to connecting to Vivi for the first time.

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Vivi App Features Poster A4_Aug19 RGB

Vivi App Features Poster

A summary of the key features of our Vivi App.

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Vivi Guest Access Flyer

Vivi Guest Access Flyer

A guide to the four different ways you can give your guests quick access to Vivi.

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