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Remote learning, Simplified

 Introducing Vivi Classmate, making remote learning a piece of cake.  


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Classmate keeps the lessons going

Doing any kind of work remotely can be challenging, but a student’s education should never be compromised. 

With Vivi Classmate, instruction can continue seamlessly in an organised way, sent instantly to students on any device.  

Whether a student or teacher is absent, or a blended learning environment is required, Classmate ensures lesson details are clearly scheduled and delivered in an easy to follow format.

remote learning


Teachers deliver classwork with ease

There is no complicated technology to use. Creating a lesson plan in Classmate is as simple as writing an email.  

Teachers craft clear tasks for lesson plans which can include instructions, videos, and conferencing links.   

Technology challenges become less of a concern when working remotely.  Lesson plans are delivered directly to students regardless of where the student or teacher is located.  




Clear expectations on classwork requirements 

Classmate gives parents transparency into what their child should be working on and when. The intuitive interface means parents can track lesson requirements with ease.

Students receive clear instruction and stay up to date with coursework, even when not physically in the classroom.



Designed for every teaching environment

As a device agnostic solution, Vivi Classmate will never be a blocker to your success.  

Quickly link your files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, YouTube and any other digital content resources to deliver coursework to students, whether in the classroom or working remotely.



How it works 

Step 1: Teachers create a lesson plan with tasks, which they send directly to their students





Step 2: Students receive details from each teacher in the Vivi App,  to reflect in-class instruction


ViviClassmate lessons organized


Step 3: Tasks for each lesson are clearly defined and include any links to supporting material




Watch how you can incorporate Vivi Classmate into your lessons





Vivi Classmate is flexible and easy to use


Save time

Focus on content, instruction, and delivery and not on complex technology.   


Simplify instruction

Each students' classwork is curated into a single, easy-to-use format.



Measure & report

Quickly identify dips in student engagement using actionable activity analytics.



Learning Equity 

Deliver a consistent experience to every student regardless of location or access to technology.

Deliver an equitable education strategy for less.. A LOT LESS!  

Reach students no matter where they are and track coursework engagement with clarity


Typically, a mobile device in the classroom is frowned upon. When learning remotely with Vivi, it can be a student's greatest asset.  


Vivi Classmate removes barriers to access for all students by making the feature available via any device, including a mobile device, when learning remotely.  Level the playing field with a solution that gives every student the tools to succeed regardless of their situation.



Make remote learning easy, for free 

 Get your teachers using Vivi Classmate today! They'll thank you later.


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