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Vivi Webinar


John5 John Pendergast  |  Customer Success Manager
vivi_jason Jason Wood  |  Business Development Manager



How Vivi is Transforming Classroom Engagement in Catholic Schools


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

3:30pm CST    


At its heart Vivi is a screen mirroring solution that is device and display screen agnostic, centrally managed, is ideal for retrofitting classrooms, and is cost-effective.

This 30-minute webinar offers an overview of the key features and benefits of the Vivi solution. 

Attendees will be guided through:

  • Vivi’s engaging classroom features, such as Wireless Screen Mirroring, Annotation Suite and Student Feedback Tool
  • Vivi's school-wide features, such as Digital Signage and Emergency Broadcasting
  • The Vivi Portal for centralised management
  • The administrative benefits of our solution
  • Examples of how Catholic schools are already using Vivi