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Connecting devices, screens and people in business.

Vivi Business is a wireless screen-mirroring solution for meeting rooms and boardrooms that works seamlessly with devices and displays of all kinds. 

Instant Presentations

Instant presentations

Screen mirroring with the Vivi app is simple and intuitive. And it doesn’t matter whether you are using laptops, tablets or phones – with a couple of clicks, you’re connected and ready to work.

Improved Productivity

Improved productivity

Save time across your whole business. Meetings and presentations start straight away, without the usual fiddling with cables or adaptors. And the result? More time spent getting the job done.

Easy to use and reliable

Easy to use and reliable

With true cross-platform compatibility, a user app that’s free to download and easy to use, and system-wide management and monitoring, Vivi works every time.

Enterprise-wide cloud management

Enterprise-wide cloud management

Forget moving from room to room to run updates and change settings. Manage the entire network, and perform management and maintenance tasks, right from your desk.

Digital Signage

Show off your brand, work or clients

Your network of Vivi-enabled screens can function as a digital signage system. Broadcast video, audio and images across your business, anywhere, any time.

Emergency Broadcasting

Minimising risk in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, users can instantly broadcast a custom evacuation or lockdown message to every Vivi-connected display in the network.

screen mirroring

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Focus on great ideas and collaboration, not on tech set-up

With Vivi, you can login and present to the screen instantly. No cables, no dongles and no tech hassles. Saving you time at the start of every meeting, allowing you to focus on your presentation. And making everyone feel part of the team too, knowing they can share their screen and contribute their ideas at the touch of a button.

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Visitors will love instant access

Screen mirroring with Vivi is as user-friendly for visitors as it is for staff. Anyone can download the app and any staff member can grant them access, instantly, without the need for IT help. The seamless Vivi experience will leave a powerful impression on everyone who works with your business.

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Manage and maintain the entire system, from anywhere

Vivi’s Admin Portal is a dream come true for IT. Instead of managing meeting rooms individually, you can keep on top of the entire system via the cloud. User and device management, bulk firmware updates, system health notifications – it’s all covered. And true cross-platform compatibility and reliability reduces the troubleshooting call-outs too. 

We are really loving our Vivi system here at Thrive and have excellent feedback from everyone who uses it - so far guests and various other groups have been impressed by its ease of use and flexibility.

Fiona Stack

The Thrive Network

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When Colorific were building our new offices last year, one of the key pieces of technology we wanted was the Vivi system for our entrance, meeting rooms, product development area and team kitchen. Our team finds it a great tool to project our screens easily onto our TVs and therefore work more collaboratively as we develop our toys for global distribution. I would recommend it to anyone in business.

Peter Levi


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Technology is no longer a barrier to starting our meetings on time. Since installing Vivi, staff and guests have commented on how easy it is to simply walk into the meeting rooms and present. Plus, it works perfectly with our video conferencing solution – a win for both on and off-site team members.

Nathan Brown


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Try Vivi in your office!

Reading about a screen mirroring product is one thing, using it in a live business environment is another.

That’s why it's important that we make it easy for businesses to trial Vivi, before making any financial commitment.

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