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Vivi’s new software update 1.6 has arrived and it’s a game-changer.

It’s finally here!

Vivi’s newest and most exciting firmware update 1.6 has arrived. With powerful communication, rich data and more classroom flexibility – Vivi has moved beyond a simple mirroring solution.  And these changes are everything you’ve been asking for.



Curriculum and E-Learning Managers will love being able to see the participation and engagement levels of Vivi users in your school.

Measure how often teachers and students are presenting to the screen, who are the most active users among both groups, how often individual Vivi features are being used and which classrooms can boast the most Vivi activity. Comparison data will show you where your Vivi engagement ranks against other schools*.

By collecting this data, we have been able to add more detailed box and user history sections to the Administration Portal.

There is also a new role in the portal: e-Learning Administrator. Users with this role will have access to the Analytics Dashboard, but not other parts of the portal.

Dashboard Snapshot

For more details, read our Dashboard Analytics blog post.


Vivi’s powerful emergency broadcast feature enables a teacher to instantly communicate notice of a Lockdown or Evacuation to every screen and device with an active Vivi connection.

Customisable emergency splash screens allow administrators to communicate emergency protocols and evacuation routes for specific school locations.

All Vivi displays and connected apps will be locked, until the initiator, or a warden, cancels the emergency.



Now you can stream to all Vivi-enabled displays in a classroom with multiple screens.  Present your device to all displays at once, or identify individual displays for individual device presentation.

The combination of screens to display to is within your control.  Say goodbye to expensive cabling and switching solutions. Vivi 1.6 has the answer!


Clear Users:

Presenters can now clear all user connections from the room in the Give Student Control screen in the app. The teacher can also now remove individual user connections where a student has left the room and neglected to disconnect.

Activity Log:

Administrators can see a log of User Activity in the Users and Room pages in the Administration Portal.

User Authentication Enhancements:

If you use Vivi Authentication to connect users, we have now added optional suffix matching. This means that the user must use an email address that matches one or more specified suffixes. Additionally, email confirmations can now be enabled to ensure users sign-up with genuine emails.