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Vivi Blog

How Emmaus Catholic College supports the teaching & learning on 93 displays in many of their learning spaces in real time

13 May 2021 / by Team Vivi

When Nick Ramsay, School Technical Support Officer at Emmaus Catholic College, one of around 83 schools within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, overheard a conversation between the school, CEDP, and architects for plans to refurbish the CANA Hospitality centre (two food technology kitchens, one industrial kitchen, and a preparation space), he instantly saw it as an opportunity to insert Vivi into the discussion.

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Vivi Superusers: Teaching styles and learning philosophies

10 May 2021 / by Team Vivi

We asked a group of Vivi Superusers to describe their teaching styles and learning philosophies. You won’t see “Vivi” mentioned again in these fascinating responses, just a group of passionate educators putting into elegant words how they engage every student in their classroom. 

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2.8 Release Blog

1 December 2020 / by Team Vivi

Our latest release delivers a bevy of video-related enhancements that make using video in the classroom easier and more efficient than ever before.

As you’ll know from conversations with teachers, more and more video content is being played in classrooms today. In fact, studies show that 90% of teachers see video playing a critical role in education, however over 60% feel frustrated by the time and restrictions involved in searching for them.

Our latest updates include:

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Can you afford to make an investment in classroom technology?

21 October 2020 / by Team Vivi

Embracing the demands of the 21st Century classroom means crafting a well-defined and well-articulated vision. And whatever strategies you devise to improve student learning outcomes in the coming years, delivering an environment that supports problem solving, critical analysis and student engagement will likely be included. Bringing that to life means finding a way of freeing the teacher to be among, rather than just in front of students.

For that, you’ll need an enabler; technology.

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Navigating the New Normal for Education

2 October 2020 / by Team Vivi

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of students worldwide into online distance learning, turning the education system upside down. Flash forward to today, and education as we know it still looks far from ordinary.

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Digital Signage Update Release Blog

29 September 2020 / by Team Vivi

Our latest release delivers a slew of Digital Signage updates, based on your requests and schools' evolving needs.

These enhancements make communication easy and effective, ensuring targeted messages are directed to students and staff either at a school-wide or individual classroom level, by multiple authorised school stakeholders.

Our latest updates include:

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2.7 Release Blog

23 July 2020 / by Team Vivi

Our latest features have been designed to help customers navigate the various challenges created by COVID-19, as well as to make it easier than ever for school stakeholders to use Vivi!

Our newest features include:

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Transitioning back to the classroom

15 May 2020 / by Team Vivi

Whilst many schools around the world have closed their gates under emergency conditions and done their best to adapt to remote learning, the transition back to the classroom is one that presents a whole new set of challenges.  

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2.6 Release Blog

7 May 2020 / by Team Vivi

At Vivi, we’re always listening to what our Vivi community has to say.

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Remote Learning & the Impact on Education Equity

28 April 2020 / by Team Vivi

Using technology is essential for the 21st century student. However, the discrepancy of students’ access to technology outside the classroom remains disproportionate.

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