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Vivi Blog

Empower Your Teachers to Deliver Personalized Learning with the Student Feedback Tool

6 August 2019 / by Team Vivi

Evolution of Vivi

Since launching just over three years ago, Vivi has evolved significantly from a wireless screen mirroring product to a classroom engagement solution. Today, Vivi delivers a suite of classroom management tools that support teacher productivity and encourage student participation and engagement.

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Welcome to Vivi Central

30 May 2019 / by Team Vivi

Welcome to Vivi Central, the new Vivi administration platform reimagined and redesigned.

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Digital Signage Solution for School, beyond screen sharing

6 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

Vivi’s new software release 1.7 is pushing the boundaries of education technology. Since we began, our users have always been at the heart of how and why our software evolves. We listen to what you want, and we always aim to deliver.

This release is no different. When we planned Vivi 1.7, we asked you what you most wanted to see.

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Vivi 1.7 coming in early 2018

6 December 2017 / by Team Vivi

2017 was a big year for Vivi, with four software releases packed with game-changing features for the education market.

To kick off 2018, we are excited to announce our first software release of the new year that includes our most highly-requested features.

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