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Vivi Blog

How Emmaus Catholic College supports the teaching & learning on 93 displays in many of their learning spaces in real time

13 May 2021 / by Team Vivi

When Nick Ramsay, School Technical Support Officer at Emmaus Catholic College, one of around 83 schools within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, overheard a conversation between the school, CEDP, and architects for plans to refurbish the CANA Hospitality centre (two food technology kitchens, one industrial kitchen, and a preparation space), he instantly saw it as an opportunity to insert Vivi into the discussion.

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Digital Signage Update Release Blog

29 September 2020 / by Team Vivi

Our latest release delivers a slew of Digital Signage updates, based on your requests and schools' evolving needs.

These enhancements make communication easy and effective, ensuring targeted messages are directed to students and staff either at a school-wide or individual classroom level, by multiple authorised school stakeholders.

Our latest updates include:

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Digital Signage Solution for School, beyond screen sharing

6 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

Vivi’s new software release 1.7 is pushing the boundaries of education technology. Since we began, our users have always been at the heart of how and why our software evolves. We listen to what you want, and we always aim to deliver.

This release is no different. When we planned Vivi 1.7, we asked you what you most wanted to see.

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Vivi’s 1.7 software release takes schools beyond wireless presentation

6 February 2018 / by Team Vivi

With Vivi 1.7 we’ve combined everything you want with everything we know to move towards what we all want: smarter, more efficient classrooms.  

From improved video performance to digital signage solutions, it’s loaded with the features that continue to push the boundaries of education technology. 

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